Before integrating your webshop with DIBS and start accepting payments, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Different agreements have to be in place, and specific information will have to be available in the webshop.

This guide will walk you through the decisions to be made, requirements for the webshop and which agreements you will need.

Short summary of each step:

  • Select integration method: DIBS offers several different solutions, including different payment windows and a server-to-server communication interfaces on three platforms with various functionalities. If you already have a solution, you have already chosen a platform. Unsure what platform to integrate to? Find it here with your DIBS ID. If you don't have an agreement with DIBS, please contact us and we will guide you to the best platform for your needs.
  • Acquirer agreement: Before going live, an acquirer agreement must be signed. Here you will get an overview of what to keep in mind when choosing your acqurier. Keep in mind that this step might take several days depending on you choice of acquirer. When using the DX platform, DIBS can act as the acquirer, making this step as seamless as possible.
  • Your own test: When integration method and platform has been chosen and the implementation of the DIBS system to the webshop is in progress, this step explains the possibilities of testing the DIBS integration.
  • Site inspection: Requirements / suggestions for "best practices" for webshops are available, and most of the items on this list are required by the acquirer. When using the DX platform, all items are mandatory, and DIBS will carry out a site inspection to help get your webshop up to par with the standards. 
  • Go live!: When above four points have been completed, your webshop is ready to go live. See this point for further information on how.

A detailed description of each step is available below:

DIBS offers different integration methods depending on which platform you use. If you don't already have an agreement with DIBS, please talk to one of our employees to find the platform and integration method that suits your needs the best.

Below are a few tips, and our recommendations on how to go forward. We encourage you to read this guide to get a better understanding of the options that are available.

Hosted payment window or hosting card data yourself?

You can either use a payment window hosted by DIBS, or host the payment window on the webshop itself and use Server-to-Server API for the payments. For most merchants, using a hosted payment window is by far the recommended solution, and the various platforms support different hosted payment windows.

Our payment windows support a wide variety of payment methods, and API support can be added to automate payment handling. With a hosted payment window, the customer is redirected to DIBS before the payment details are entered, and returns back to the shop after the payment has been carried out.

When using a hosted payment window, the merchants server is not in contact with any cardholder data, thus the shop is not required to have a PCI DSS certification. With our hosted payment windows, all payments will be made showing our SSL certificate and inspire consumer confidence that cardholder data is secure.

If you chose to use API for creating payments, a PCI DSS certification is needed for merchants that process or store card data on their own server. We do not discourage you to look into this method for payment processing, but we strongly emphasize that you must fully understand the requirements imposed by the card schemes for processing cardholder data. For further information on this certificate, please make contact to your acquirer.


To carry out the actual transfer of money from the customer to your account, an acquirer must be introduced. DIBS are the ones managing the communication and the secure handling of card information, while the acquirer takes care of authorizing cards, reserving currency and carrying out the transfers. Therefor, if the DT or D2 platform is used, in addition to your DIBS agreement, an acquirer agreement must be made and subsequently registered on the DIBS account by our support department. If you are using the DX platform, a possibility is to have DIBS act as this acquirer, and thereby eliminate the requirement for these additional external agreements.

When chosing the acquirer to be used, keep in mind that:

  • All the cards included in your DIBS agreement will only be available if the registered acquirer agreement also includes them.
  • Some cards are only available through specific acquirers (for example Dankort through Nets/Teller).
  • All direct bank payment possibilities require an individual agreement with the each of the desired banks.
  • DIBS must receive the acquirer agreement prior to going live.

Also note that if the acquirer agreement includes 3d-Secure, it might take several workdays for it to become active. The agreement should therefore be sent to DIBS several days prior to the shop going live. The specific time before the individual agreements become active varies as they will need to be registered externally.

With the help of our test system, virtually any situation imaginable can be tested prior to going live.

To place DIBS in the test mode, two things must be carried out first:

  1. Your shop should have activated the test mode with DIBS. For the platforms D2 and DX, new shops always start with the test mode activated, but the test mode is deactivated as soon as the shop goes “live” (so test cards can no longer be used). If you wish to activate the test mode again at a later date, this can be arranged by contacting us. For the DT platform, test mode should be activated manually in the DIBS Manager. 

  2. A variable must be declared, which notifies DIBS that tests are being conducted. This variable is inserted as a “hidden field” together with the other variables, and the name and value of the parameter depends on the platform which is used.
    Please refer to the individual test information sections for each platform: DT / D2 / DX for more information on this parameter.

Once this variable is declared, the transaction will not be sent to the acquirer, but will instead be handled by the DIBS test system. When a transaction is carried out, the test transaction can be seen in DIBS Administration or Manager. The test information sections will also include information on cards and invoice information to be used while conducting tests.

Many business partners have demands regarding the processing and handling of online purchases and payments. The legislation on this may vary from country to country, as do the rules and regulations from acquirer to acquirer with respect to the exact details of such demands. We strongly advise you to follow the points given below, since we consider these to be ”best practices”.

It is the responsibility of the webshop to comply with current legislation. If you are unsure if your webshop contains the required information, please contact your acquirer(s).

The following information should be available:

Logos and texts
  1. DIBS' logo should be presented together with all credit card types honored by the shop
  2. DIBS' logo should be clickable and lead the customer to,, or
  3. 3D Secure logos (Verified by VISA and MasterCard Securecode) should be displayed wherever this is used. 
  4. The logos should be displayed on at least one of the shops' pages. We have created a tool which can be used to retreive the logos with adjustable size and format to fit all modern browsers and screen resolutions.

Get logos here


Contact info

The shop's contact info should be visible on the page and include at least:

  1. Name
  2. Address
  3. E-mail and/or telephone number
  4. The shop's Company registration number
Terms and conditions
  1. Terms of sale and delivery, including the right to terminate the purchase agreement
  2. Clear shipping policies (by courier, post etc.) and expected delivery time
  3. Export restrictions, if applicable
  4. You must ensure that the text attached in the document "DIBS Account Invoice delivery and fraud instruction" is on your website before the purchase *
Order summary

Before the customer proceeds to the check-out page there should a summary including the following.

  1. A complete description of the services/products included in the order. In other words, the customer must never doubt what he/she is paying for.
  2. A clear itemization of the total amount being charged including freight, value added tax, etc.
  3. It must be clear to the consumer what currency is used for the transaction. If you are delivering abroad you will need to state currency code also in the order summary. (ie. DKK, SEK, NOK, EUR.)
  4. The delivery address has to be the same as the address listed in national registries *
Order confirmation/receipt

Right after the purchase, the following information must be available on the return page:

  1. Transaction status (completed/accepted/declined)

Order confirmation e-mail must contain the following information and should be sent immediately to the customer after a successful order.

  1. The name of the shop
  2. The shop's E-mail address and/or telephone number
  3. A complete description of the services/products purchased
  4. The order number (the shop's internal order reference number)
  5. DIBS transaction number
  6. Order date
  7. Prices must be stated with the correct currency (must show the ISO4217 standard international 3-letter code, e.g. DKK, SEK, NOK, EUR etc.)
  8. The total amount being charged (incl. charges, value added tax, shipping, invoice fee etc.)
  9. Expected date of delivery
  10. The amount indicated must not exceed the amount quoted in the order form
  11. How the invoice will be sent to the customer
  12. Payment status (completed/declined)

*) Only relevant if you are using the DX platform and the DIBS Invoice product.

When all previous points have been completed, you are ready to go live. All left to do is to set the shop live (remove the parameters described in "Your own test") and you are ready to receive live payments.

If you are in doubt if all points are completely fulfilled, please refer the previous steps, or feel free to contact our support department which will happily assist you.

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