Other modules

Here you can find third-party shop modules and old modules developed by DIBS.

DIBS does not support any of the modules below
DIBS has vast network of partners and some of them has developed their own modules for e-commerce platforms to DIBS. We link to those modules in the category “Third party modules” on this page.
DIBS are also continuously developing modules for open-source e-commerce platforms which are free to download . The “Old DIBS modules” on this page are built by DIBS. Note that we are not actively supporting these modules nor upgrading them to new versions, as we are focusing on other modules where we have more requests.
Your input is important to us. Do you want us to focus more on one of these modules or perhaps a completely different? Please give us a call or write us at: support@dibs.dk, and we will discuss it further.
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