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Problem: HMAC code not matching

This issue may arise when using the Payment Window module.


Go to: System -> Configuration -> Web -> Session Validation Settings

And set 'Use SID on Frontend' to 'No':

Problem: Calling Nets Payment Window throws error “A technical error has  occurred”


There can be various reasons and solutions to this message:

A: Your agreement with Nets is not yet in a live state, but the test mode setting in the module is set to false/no. Your agreement will be set live when you have signed an acquirer agreement and a site inspection has been made by Nets in your webshop. We will notify you in writing when the acquirer agreement has been tested. 
For more information regarding the site inspection and steps needed before your agreement is put in live mode, please see the following steps

B: Your agreement with Nets is put in live mode, but the test mode setting is still activated in the module.  If you have received confirmation from us that your agreement with Nets has been set live, the test mode setting in the module must be deactivated in order to carry out live payments.  Check that test mode is set to false/no in the module
The error message will show the following information if test mode is activated in the module, but deactivated in Nets: 
The following fields had validation errors:
currency - There are no payment types available in test matching that currency

C: Your agreement with Nets does not support the currency. Check that you have signed an acquirer agreement for the currency. If not, please contact the acquirer to add the currency to your agreement. The acquirer will relay this information to Nets, but please note that adding currencies might take a few days. 

Please contact Nets support for additional information regarding the status of your agreement and available currencies.

D: The module is configured with incorrect HMAC value.  The error message will include the following information:  The following fields had validation errors:  MAC - did not match calculated value.

Check that the values of HMAC key  in the module corresponds to the exact same value generated in the Nets Administration for the Merchant ID you are using. The key is found in the Nets Admin à Integration à HMAC

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