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In-app payment window

Merchants can use DIBS Mobile Payment Library to add payment functionality to mobile apps. The payment process is completely integrated into the app. App users can pay using DIBS, without leaving the app. The Library provides a UI, which the merchant developer can use in their app, to show a payment window.

The Features overview

  • The “screen swap” will be eliminated and the consumer will experience a native in app purchase flow
  • You will be able to integrate the mobile library by using the native coding language
  • The library offers most of the features know from our DIBS Payment Window
  • The libraries include technical documentation and example apps for Android and iOS
  • Simple styling + 2 standard in-app payment window skins for iOS and Android
  • Card registration for recurring payments
  • Callback and cancel requests
  • Security with HMAC
  • Demo mode for simulating the in-app payment flow in your project

Custom design

Three types of theming support are available:

  1. Two pre designed standard in-app payment window skins for each platform
  2. Simple styling option allows you to change the background- and button colors  
  3. Enterprise solution: A customer specific in-app payment window, developed by DIBS, which leaves room for a 100 percent unique design and custom theming (This solution is not standard -  please contact your sales representative for specific pricing)

Card registration

It’s possible to register a card and receive a card identifier (ticket) for identification of recurring payments. When using ticket to pay, the cardholder can check out by only entering the card CVC.

(The ticket solution is available by DIBS but you must get an approval from the acquiring party for the specific use cases).


It is possible to show to payment window in landscape orientation.

IN-APP Notifications

The library supports calling back to app using the library when certain events happen in the payment flow.


It is possible to receive callback- (server to server) and cancel requests. This makes it possible for the merchant to react on a payment.


There is no MAC calculation in the library itself, but there is support for MAC security.

Merchants can (on their server) pre-calculate a MAC value for the parameters for a given payment flow and pass that on to the DIBS Mobile Payment Library. The payment window will validate the MAC value and reject the payment if not correct.

Demo mode

By setting the merchant to 'demo' the mobilelib will go into demo mode. This will allow a developer to  implement the payment window into the application before contacting DIBS for a test merchant.

When the demo mode is enabled there will be no validation of the merchant ID, the agreement , pay types or HMAC. 

No calls to DIBS will be made; this means there can be no validation on cards, calc fee, ticket creation. Some static information about abovementioned parameters be made which means only test cards will be accepted, the same ticket will always be returned and accepted, some static fees will always be shown.

The layout will show "demo mode" in a field in the top of the window, when the payment window is in demo mode.


The iOS and Android libraries have been tested on the most common physical devices and emulators.

For more specific information contact DIBS.

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