Introduction to Merchant Payment window

  1. Consumers choose their products, enters shipping details etc. at merchant.
  2. When ready to pay the consumer choose to pay with Masterpass. 
  3. Mobile BankID automatically opens and identification is done with pin code.
  4. After identification masterpass opens, and here default card is already stored and you can also choose a different card.
  5. After selecting the card the transaction is done, and customer receives the order confirmation at merchant. When purchasing via the desktop computer, the consumer starts mobile BankID on their cell phone.

  1. Consumer clicks on ”Buy with Masterpass” in the webshop
  2. Webshop calls mpInit in order to initiate the Masterpass wallet flow.
  3. DIBS calls Masterpass in order to retrive a redirectUrl
  4. Masterpass provides the redirectUrl to DIBS, which is sent to the webshop in the mpInit response
  5. The Webshop uses the url to redirect the consumer to the Masterpass website.
  6. The consumer selects the preferred wallet at Masterpass, is authenticated via BankID/3DSecure.
  7. The consumer is redirected back to the webshop, which receives the response including Masterpass parameters for the mpValidate request.
  8. The webshop initiates an mpValidate request towards DIBS.
  9. DIBS calls Masterpass to validate the consumers action at Masterpass
  10. Masterpass is handling the validate request.
  11. DIBS receives credit card info, shipping info and, if applicable, 3DSecure info.
  12. The webshop calls mpAuthorize in order to authorize the payment.
  13.  DIBS initiates an authorization request towards the acquirer.
  14. The webshop receives the result of the authorization
  15. and present the payment result to the consumer.

After the authorization is completed, the payment can be handled as an “ordinary” card payment. You need to do a Settle request to capture the authorized amount.

Webservice methods

Masterpass follows a different payment flow than normal card payments, and below is a description of the various Web Service methods which should be used.


In order to initiate the flow for Masterpass the mpInit service must be called.  On success the service returns a redirectUrl, which is used by merchant to direct user to the Masterpass site, where user has to choose his card and shipping address and confirm payment information. The service also returns a verifyId which is used in the additional webservice calls.


The mpValidate service is called by the merchant when the consumer returns from the MP site. It verifies the consumer’s request and fetches the card data for the consumer’s chosen payment method. In some cases it also retrieves the shipping address.


The mpAuthorize service is then used to perform a normal Authorization using information returned by the mpValidate service. The response is the same as a normal authorize response.

Merchant Payment window Masterpass

Masterpass Mark

Choose Masterpass simple integration and place the Masterpass Mark logo in the payment window. The Masterpass Mark logo is not clickable and should be placed next to a checkbox, to avoid unneccessarily confusing the customer. It will be possible to upgrade to the best practice Masterpass if this option is of interest.   

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