Fraud protection

Flexwin provides the fraud protection service to catch possible fraud before it happens, granting extra security to your shop.
Fraud control is not a fraud protection guarantee.


Fraud protection is a system developed by DIBS, to prevent fraud before it happens.

The fraud protection system counts how many failed transaction attempts there has been on the same order. How many failed attempts the customer has to enter before the card or IP is declared suspect, depends on the configuration of the fraud protection.

If a customer makes a number of failed transactions on the same order, with different cards, the IP of the costumer is then stored in an internally maintained IP list. A transaction will be flagged as suspect if the customer is using an IP from our suspect IP list. Furthermore a transaction can be flagged suspect if the payment is declined a number of times.

Please read the configuration documentation to insure that you are using the system correct.


Login to DIBS administration and go to the following directory:

DIBS admin / Integration / Fraud Protection

Here you can customize your fraud protection to fit your shop.

If the fraud protection is activated and you are using "capture now" the transactions marked suspect by fraud protection will NOT be auto captured. DIBS therefore recommend that you always set your email to receive a notification if the fraud protection has caught a suspect transaction.

If you are using an API solution, you are able to get the result of the fraud protection through the callback and accept response. The fraud protection adds to additional parameters "suspect" and "severity" if enabled.


If you encounter a suspect payment, you should find the transaction in DIBS administration and open the fraud protection information by clicking on the red "Suspect" mark on the transaction line.

When clicking on the "Suspect" line you will see information of why the transaction is marked suspect and you will be allowed access to capture the transaction.

We recommend the following procedure when encountering a suspect transaction.

  1. Check if possible the fraud severity.
  2. Check how many failed transactions and the reason why the payment has been marked suspect.
  3. Evaluate the severity of the suspected fraud and accept, decline or investigate the transaction further.
  4. If you are in doubt about whether the transaction is genuine, contact DIBS support department for further investigation.

If the fraud severity is above 5 we always recommend that you do what you can to confirm the costumer is genuine. If below 5 it often means that the costumer has entered incorrect information or there is some kind of error when using the specific card.


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