Important guidelines for your webshop

Increase trust and conversion

As a DIBS merchant, you must show the DIBS logo in your webshop, together with the payment methods you offer to your customer.

By showing the well known brands of payment options, you will make your customer feel secure, which is important in order to increase conversion.

Using the logos in the checkout, provides clear guidance on where to click in order to pay to your customers, further improving the shopping experience. 

Please note You should use the provided URLs, and link to the content hosted by DIBS, rather than downloading the logos. If DIBS makes updates, your webshop is automatically updated as well.

How it works

By using the Brand Assets Manager, you can easily publish the logos on your website in four simple steps.

  1. Choose category of logos
  2. Mark the payment types honored by your webshop
  3. Change the size of the preferred logo combination to make it fit your webshop. You may also adjust the positon or distance around the logo by adding “space around logo”
  4. Copy the HTML code in to your webshop

That’s it - you are done!

If you use DIBS Invoice as payment method, please read more about "Terms and conditions" and how to use the code further down on this page.

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DIBS logos

In order for you to get the correct combination of logos in the easiest possible way, we have created four different categories of logos:

Webshop logos
The logos that we have labeled as "Webshop logos" must be visible on the front page of your webshop. These logos may also be used on your product pages to make the customer aware of what payment methods that are available at all times. In order for you to show your specific payment options, we have created a number of logo combinations to choose from.

Checkout logos
Logos shown in the category "checkout-logos" must be visible in the webshop checkout. The checkout is the page where the customer chooses the preferred payment method prior to actually completing the purchase.

Partner logo
This logo is only for our official partners to use. Our official partners should have a partner agreement with DIBS and be qualified to make a DIBS integration. Our official partners should be presented on our partner site.

Other logos
In this category all our payment types can be found as well as standalone DIBS logos. The logos you cannot find in the other categories will be present here.

DIBS Invoice payments

When using DIBS Invoice, you must display our "Terms and conditions" in proximity to the DIBS Invoice logo. "Terms and conditions" in Swedish and Norwegian will be included on all logo combinations that includes the DIBS Invoice logo.

The text for "Terms and conditions" must be hosted by DIBS, and can be shown either in a pop-up window, or displayed as dynamic text via Javascript. The latter means that you can style the text as you see fit.

In the "Terms and conditions", there is a general writing describing how the invoice fee will be added to the total amount. It is important to remember to include the correct invoice fee in your own terms and conditions as well as on the checkout page.
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