Reserved words

In the DIBS system, some variables are used internally and thus cannot be sent to FlexWin.

The following variables must not be used in the call (POST) to the DIBS FlexWin, since these are already used internally within the window:

authkey, cardno, cardtype, cvc, expmon, expyear, fee, modulook, status, step, rid, paytype, phoneno, transact

Parameters which are sent to the DIBS FlexWin must not be used as declared cgi-parameters in accepturl, cancelurl and callbackurl. The same applies to the following parameters which are automatically returned to accepturl, cancelurl and callbackurl:

accepturl, amount, authkey, cancelurl, callbackurl, calcfee, currency, delivery1..deliveryN, fee, http_cookie, lang, merchant, orderid, opener, ordertext, ordline0-1..ordlineN-M, priceinfo1..priceinfoN, severity, suspect, test, transact, submit

Furthermore, we strongly recommend that you refrain from using words that are normally used in HTML or JavaScript as names for variable names, e.g., submit, onclick, etc.

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