Nets has created a plug-in-module for Opencart 3.0 that offers you smoother integration.

Before using our module, we recommend that you contact our sales department. We can ensure that you get the right payment method, currencies, and know which of our payment windows best suits your business.

What is Nets for Opencart? 

Easy for Opencart is a plugin that extends Opencart, allowing you to take payments via Nets’ new payment method, Easy. The extension is currently in beta. We would very much appreciate if you could report any bugs, and send questions or suggestions for changes to
The Easy payment window integrates and displays directly in your checkout via an iframe solution. 


How do I install Easy for Opencart? 


Installation Guide

Get the installation guide by clicking on the picture below

How to install Easy for Opencart


First, upload the module package (Admin -> Extension Installer) OR copy the module files to your Opencart installation directory.
Then, you can install the module using modman: modman clone
You can apply modifications in (Admin -> Modifications) and click Refresh.
Adjust your module settings in (Admin -> Extensions -> Payments -> Nets Easy) and click Save. 


Required Opencart settings

You need to enable HTTPS (install an SSL/TLS certificate) in your web store to get Easy to work.



Apply modifications in (Admin -> Modifications) and then click Refresh.
Set module settings in (Admin -> Extensions -> Payments -> Nets Easy) and click Save.



Enable ‘Test’ in  (Admin -> Extensions -> Payments -> Nets Easy). 
Currently allowed currencies are SEK, NOK & DKK.


Before you go live

When you are finished with the installation and configuration, your web store needs to fulfill a number of criteria before Nets can approve your store. Find the criteria on our site inspection website .

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