Nets has created a plug-in-module for Magento 1.8/1.9 that offers you a smoother integration.

Before starting to use our module we recommend you to contact our sales department. By doing so, you can ensure that you get the right payment methods, currencies, and know which of our payment windows that best suits your business.



Easy for Magento 1.8/1.9 is a module that is allowing you to take payments via Nets new payment method Nets Easy. The module can be downloaded for free here. 


The module is just released

The module is just launched. Any bugs, questions or suggestions for changes can be reported to The Easy payment window is integrated/displayed directly in your checkout via an iframe solution. This means that the display of the iframe may vary between different themes. In some themes the display may look strange or incorrect. The reason is that the markup of the theme is different from Magento's normal markup. Contact us for more info if the checkout iframe is displayed incorrectly in your theme.


Sign up with Nets

To get started with Easy, you need to create an account with Nets. If you’re not a customer yet you can register here.



If you want to try the checkout before installing it in your store you can checkout our demo store here. You can also sign up for a test account so you can test it in your own Magento store.

To make test purchases you also need customer test data. This information can be found here.



Magento requires a technical understanding from the webshops developer.

Setting up

  • Go to your Magento administration
  • Go to System > Configuration > Payment Methods
  • Find Easy Checkout in the list of checkout options
  • Set enable Easy Checkout to Yes
  • Set Live/Test secret/checkout keys and select an order status to new orders (Note orders are fully paid once they appear in the system)

Disabling Standard checkout

If you wish to disable the standard checkout you can do this in the following way

  • Go to your Magento administration
  • Go to System > Configuration > Checkout
  • Under Checkout Options, in the field: Enable Onepage Checkout choose No


Before you go live

When you are finished with the installation and configuration your web store needs to fullfil a number of criterias before Nets can approve your store.

Information about these criterias can be found in Nets site inspection information here.

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