Before you go live, Nets has to approve your webshop

The site inspection should be performed once you have fully prepared your webshop with all necessary information. If any information on your website is missing this can prolong your webshop going live.

It is therefore important that you make sure to check that all below information is available in your webshop.

Prepare your webshop for a site inspection

  • Update your webshop with the necessary information you find on this page.
  • Put a product in the webshop and make sure it is prepared for a purchase.
  • Activate test on your account. We will complete a test transaction with a test credit card and a test invoice payment. The test transaction will only work if the test parameter is activated.
  • Are you ready? Send an e-mail to with your DIBS merchant ID / Customer ID and the webshop’s URL where DIBS will complete the site inspection.

DIBS will perform the site inspection and get back to you as soon as possible. If you have questions about the process please e-mail:

Logos and texts

Contact details

The shop’s contact details should be visible on the page including:

  • Name
  • Address
  • E-mail and/or telephone number
  • The shop’s Company registration number (CVR, Organisation number)

Terms & conditions

On webpage:


  • Terms of sale and delivery, including the right to terminate the purchase agreement.
  • Clear shipping policies (by courier, post etc.) and expected delivery time.
  • Export restrictions, if applicable.
  • State which currencies are being used by using currency code (DKK, SEK, NOK or EUR). I.e "All prices are in EUR incl VAT"


For DIBS invoice:

This is relevant if you are a DIBS Invoice customer, if you only accept Card payments on your site you may skip this step.

  • Please use the DIBS Invoice logo including terms and conditions embedded, click here to download. Make sure to use the link hosted by DIBS and include the logo in the checkout and in general terms and contitions.

Order summary

Before the customer proceeds to the check-out page there should be a summary including the following.

  • A complete description of the services/products included in the order. In other words, the customer must never doubt what he/she is paying for.
  • A clear itemization of the total amount being charged including freight, value added tax, etc.
  • It must be clear to the consumer what currency is used for the transaction. If you are delivering abroad you will need to state currency code also in the order summary. (DKK, SEK, NOK or EUR)
Order summary - DIBS invoice
  • The delivery address has to match the address listed in national registries.

Order confirmation/receipt

Once a purchase is completed, the customer must receive a confirmation of the order and a receipt in the form of an on-screen-display and e-mail.

  • Order confirmation immediately on-screen-display after purchase.
    1. Transaction status (completed/accepted/declined)
  • Order confirmation e-mail must contain the following information and should be sent immediately to the customer after a successful order.
    1. DIBS transaction number
    2. Expected date of delivery (i.e. "will be delivered within 5 days")
    3. Contact details to the shop. The company name, e-mail address and/or telephone number
    4. A complete description of the services/products purchased
    5. The order number (the shop’s internal order reference number)
    6. Order date
    7. Prices must include the currency (i.e. DKK, EUR, NOK or SEK)
    8. The total amount being charged (incl. charges, value added tax, shipping, invoice fee etc.)
    9. The payment status (completed/declined)
    10. The amount indicated must not exceed the amount quoted in the order form
For DIBS Invoice


  • Specify how the invoice will be sent to the customer. (Together with goods, in envelope, via e-mail)
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