Allows partners to easily onboard their own merchants

Onboarding API Request


		"application": { 
			"company": { 
				"organizationNumber": "string", 
				"vatNumber": "string", 
				"invoiceEmail": "string", 
				"contactPerson": { 
					"email": "string", 
					"firstName": "string", 
					"lastName": "string", 
					"phone": "string" 
			"country": "SWE", 
			"currency": "SEK", 
			"productCodes": ["CARD","INVOICE"], 
			"salesCode": "string", 
			"webshop": { 
				"name": "string", 
				"url": "string" 
			"bankAccount": { 
				"iban": "string", 
				"swift": "string" 
			"salesRepPartner": "string", 
			"salesRepDibs": "string" 
		"adminUser": { 
			"firstName": "string", 
			"lastName": "string", 
			"email": "string", 
			"language": "string", 
			"sendActivationEmail": boolean  

Notice: Live-Secret-Key must be used when using or integrating this API.


  • application -

    Click for more information on parameters

    • company
      • organizationNumber -
      • vatNumber -

        DK/NO/SE-ORGANIZATION NR-01, see ISO standards for more information.

      • invoiceEmail -

        The merchants e-mail address to where the invoice from DIBS should be sent

      • contactPerson -

        Contact person that DIBS can contact if needed.

        • email -

          E-mail to the above contact person.

        • firstname -

          First name of the contact person.

        • lastname -

          Last name of the contact person.

        • phone -

          Phone number the contact person.

    • country -

      In which country will the merchant do business (i.e DNK/NOR/SWE), only one country can be selected.

    • currency -

      Must match the currency of country.

    • productCodes -

      States if the merchant will offer card, invoice or both.

    • salesCode -

      Optional, if you have received a sales code from DIBS you can use it here.

    • webshop
      • name -

        The name of the webshop.

      • url -
    • bankAccount
      • swift -

        Account information according to the agreement with the bank selected by the merchant.

      • iban -

        Account information according to the agreement with the bank selected by the merchant.

    • salesRepPartner -

      Optional, enter the partner name.

    • salesRepDibs -

      Optional, enter the sales person at DIBS.

  • adminUser -

    Click for more information on parameters

    • firstName -

      First name of the user.

    • language -

      Set in which language Easy merchant portal will be shown. DK_DK, EN_US, NO_NO and SV_SE available.

    • lastName -

      Last name of the user.

    • email -

      E-mail address to the user, this will get the activation email if sendActivationEmail is set to True. Will be used to login to the Easy merchant portal.

    • sendActivationEmail -

      Set value to True to make Easy send the activation e-mail or False if you want to send the activation link in your own e-mail to the merchant.

Response class


HTTP Status Code Reason Response model
200 OK
400 Bad request
  "errors": {}
401 Unauthorized  
500 Unexpected error
  "message": "string",
  "code": "string",
  "source": "string"


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