Datastring Parameters

Essential parameters 

Parameter type description

The JSON posts that are sent to our API consists of several input parameters which are listed on this page. 

String - The parameter type string is limited to 128 characters and you are able to find a complete list of all supported characters here. The only exception from this is Cherckout.URL which support up to 256 characters.

Int - The parameter type int has a maximum value of 2,147,483,647. Supported fields (noted with asterisks below) have a minimum value of -2,147,483,648.

Decimal - The parameter type decimal has a maximum value of 79,228,162,514,264,337,593,543,950,335. Supported fields (noted with asterisks below) have a minimum value of -79,228,162,514,264,337,593,543,950,335.



Parameter Type Description
reference string

The order item reference is usually the SKU (stock keeping unit) of the product.

For convinicence in the case of refunds or modifications towards placed orders, the reference should be unique for each variation of a product item (sizes, colours etc.)

name string

Define the name of the product.

quantity decimal

Quantity of the specific product in the order. The value '1' will be intepreted as '1'.

unit string

Indicate the defined unit of measurement for the product.
examples: pcs, kg, liter, lbs, meters etc.

unitPrice* int Price of each product unit. This value should always be sent excluding VAT.
taxRate int

Indicate the VAT rate of the product. The value '2500' is intepreted as 25%. The parameter value must be included in your request for the VAT to be displayed correctly in Easy administration. Please note that we do not validate that the tax calculation is correct. 'taxRate' support a value larger or equal to 0.

taxAmount* int

This is the total VAT amount for the order line. '10000' is interpreted as '100.00'. The parameter value must be included in your request for the VAT to be displayed correctly in Easy administration. Please note that we do not validate that the tax calculation is correct.

grossTotalAmount* int

Order line total amount including VAT. '10000' is interpeted as '100.00'. This is the order line parameter we validate when verifying that the total amount for the order is correct.

netTotalAmount* int

Order line total amount excluding VAT. '10000' is interpeted as '100.00'.

* Negative values are allowed for marked parameters. A min value of -2,147,483,648 is now allowed in the fields.



Parameter Type Description
amount int

Total amount for the order including VAT. Please note that the order amount must match the sum of all 'grossTotalAmount' parameters in order. '10000' is interpeted as '100.00'.

currency string

Currency of the amount. Use the 3-letter (ISO-4217 code.)
Currently supported currencies: NOK, SEK, DKK & EUR

reference string

Maximum 27 characters for Invoice Payments. Order ID which will be visible in Easy administration.




Parameter Type Description
url string

This is the URL where the checkout is located at, and where we will send the user after they have performed a 3-D Secure verification.


The domain will be validated when the checkout is initialized. The host in the parameter value must match the host where the checkout is initialized.

Read more about the checkout integration in our integration guide.

termsUrl string

This is the URL where the terms and conditions should be located at. The link will be visible in the checkout.


ShippingCountries string

To specify the shipping countries, the merchant can extend the operation for creating payment with the following input.


"ShippingCountries" : [{"countryCode":"SSS"},{"countryCode":"SWE"}] 


If a country is not in the list, the merchant will be notified with the following error message.
    "errors": {
        "checkout.ShippingCountries": [
            "[SSS] as shipping country not supported "
consumerType string

This option is used to enable B2B and B2C functionality in the checkout. The example shows how to enable B2B and have B2C be shown by default.


"consumerType": {"supportedTypes": [ "B2C", "B2B" ],"default": "B2C"}

Supported Countries

Country ISO Code
Albania ALB
Andorra AND
Armenia ARM
Austria AUT
Azerbaijan AZE
Belgium BEL
Bulgaria BGR
Bosnia and Herzegovina BIH
Belarus BLR
Switzerland CHE
Cyprus CYP
Czechia CZE
Germany DEU
Denmark DNK
Spain ESP
Estonia EST
Finland FIN
France FRA
United Kingdom GBR
Georgia GEO
Greece GRC
Croatia HRV
Hungary HUN
Ireland IRL
Iceland ISL
Italy ITA
Kazakhstan KAZ
Liechtenstein LIE
Lithuania LTU
Luxembourg LUX
Latvia LVA
Monaco MCO
Moldova MDA
Macedonia MKD
Malta MLT
Montenegro MNE
Netherlands NLD
Norway NOR
Poland POL
Portugal PRT
Romania ROU
Russia RUS
San Marino SMR
Serbia SRB
Slovakia SVK
Slovenia SVN
Sweden SWE
Turkey TUR
Ukraine UKR
Vatican City VAT


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