Information for your bookkeeping

What is and will be settled on your account

The Payout section includes information about previous and upcoming Payouts together with daily Opening and Closing Balance. This is where you find all the necessary information for your bookkeeping.
1. Balance and Payout

The balance shows your funds that are yet to be paid out. If you make a charge your balance will increase and if you make a refund or receive a payout the balance will decrease.

The amount stated in your Current balance shows the net balance you have in DIBS today, i.e. all Charged payments that haven't yet been paid out excluding refunds and payment fees. The funds will be paid out according to the payout plan stated in your contract with DIBS. The example below describes when you will receive the payout if you the payout delay in your payment plan is 30 days. 

Example: If you have 5 days payout delay:

  • The charges you made on day 1 will be paid out on day 5
  • The charges you made on day 2 will be paid out on day 6
  • If no charges are made day 3, no payout will be made day 7
  • Refunds will always be deducted from next day's payout.


2. Opening Balance and Closing Balance 

Opening Balance is the initial balance on your account in the beginning on the given date to the left in the table. The activities during this date range (Charges, Refunds, Fees and Payouts) are presented in the table and the Closing Balance is the balance after those activities are taken into account. The Closing Balance then becomes the Opening Balance on the next day an activity takes place. Please note that only dates with activities are shown in the table.


3. Find a specific Payout

Each Payout has a Payout ID and all Payouts can be found by selecting a date range. The Payout ID is the reference shown on your bank statement. 


4. Payments included in a Payout

By clicking See details in the Quick actions column you will find a detailed view of which payments are included in a specific Payout. 


Payout details
The payout details page gives you more information about the specific payout, which can also be used for bookkeeping.
  1. Save or print an overview
    A summary at the top of the page provides an overview of the amounts being charged, refunded, and the payment fees included in the payout. Click the print button in the upper right hand corner for a printable A4 overview of the summary.
  2. Eport detalied view
    All payments included in the payout are listed in the bottom of the page. The detailed information can be exported to a CSV or Excel file. Simply click the “export” button and select preferred format for the export.


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