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Our new payment window - optimized for user experience.

Important information

Providing secure payment solutions is our top priority and we continuously develop our payment solutions in order to meet industry standards for secure card payments (PCI Data Security Standard 3.0).

Due to changing security standards, DIBS is launching a new mobile optimized payment window, which will replace the existing payment windows on the DT platform on January 31, 2017.


Switch to DIBS Payment Window 2.0 by January 31, 2017

4 steps to get started with Payment Window 2.0:


1. Create new pagesets for your respective payment methods (card payment, direct payment or MOTO/Callcenter payments) in DIBS Manager Follow this guide.

2. Change the Payment Window settings according to your webshop in DIBS Manager (change colour or upload your logotype). Follow this guide.

3. Make sure that your integration is adapted to your new pageset and fits with input parameters and return parameters.

4. Perform a test to ensure payments are working and go live by January 31st.


Input parameters

Description of input parameters.

Return parameters

Description of return parameters

Manager settings

Change settings for Payment Window 2.0 in DIBS Manager.


If you cannot find the answer to your question, please contact our support by phone +46 8-527 525 00 or email

The new PCI security requirements include all the systems that come into contact with the payment solution, this means that you as a merchant are not allowed to handle sensitive card information in your system.

Visa and MasterCard have agreed on a safety standard, the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), American Express, Diners Club and JCB has also joined this standard. PCI DSS describes how card numbers and other transaction information should be handled and applies both to payments where the card is physically involved as well as e-commerce-, postal- and telephone orders.

In short, PCI DSS 3.0 states that all systems that come in contact with the payment solution, i.e both e-commerce server associated systems / servers should be PCI DSS complient.
The previous PCI requirements only covered the actual payment solution - which meant that a PSP (Payment Service Provider) needed to be PCI-certified, but the merchant's own e-commerce site was out of scope for the requirements.

The pageset for DIBS Payment Window 2.0 pageset is available in DIBS Manager. If you haven’t made any changes in your current pageset, the change to DIBS Payment Window 2.0 is easy. Simply create a new pageset in DIBS Manager and rename the pageset to suit your integration. Furthermore, you can add your return-url in the setting page for the pageset.

No, it is not necessary. You only create a new pageset in DIBS Manager, and thereafter rename the payment window to suit your integration and changing necessary settings in DIBS Manager.

The pageset for DIBS Payment Window 2.0 is available in DIBS Manager.  The deadline to make the change is January 31, 2017. It is important that you change to DIBS Payment Window 2.0 in order for receive card payments.

If you have not changed to DIBS Payment Window 2.0 prior to January 31, you will not be able to receive card payments in your webshop. 

You are able to make the following changes in the payment window:

- Define returnUrl or customReturnUrl and return parameters
- Define cancelUrl or customCancelUrl and return parameters
- Display the Company name and logo
- Change the background and header color for Payment Window 2.0
- Hide CVC / CVC field

The pageset you are using is specified in your existing payment window integration, contact the partner who built your integration and they will help you identify and change the pageset which is used for card payments.

The merchant pays potential additional costs for this

If you are using our API solution to make card authorizations you are not affected and you do not need to do anything since you already are PCI compliant.

If you are using DIBS hosted payment window and only API for settle a transaction, you are affected and need to change to Payment Window 2.0.

In DIBS Manager, you will be able to add and manage your returnUrl. The returnUrl is the page that the customer will be redirected to after payment is completed.

You should to plan for the change that needs to be done before January 31, 2017 and follow the technical documentation from DIBS. We are continuously updating this site with the latest information.

When the payment window change is done your current pageset in DIBS Manager will be locked, which is why we advise you not to make any changes in your current pageset, as these changes will get lost. A new pageset for the new payment window is available in DIBS Manager.

Yes, it is available for testing right now.

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