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  1. Take contact to your Key account manager to start the process.
  2. Your key account manager will send you the data release agreement, it needs to be signed by both you and the PSP and then returned to the key account manager
  3. Standard data are “card no”, “expiration month”, “expiration year”, “DIBS TicketID”, “Merchants OrderID”, and within 50.000 Tickets) data delivered in DIBS’ format.
  4. You accepts the time estimate, data and price. (or change of data/data format etc. end change of price)
  5. You send an email confirming to DIBS that they would like the following data extracted “card no”, “expiration month”, “expiration year”, “DIBS TicketID”, “Merchants OrderID.
  6. DIBS needs to recieve the public PGP encryption key of a PCI-DSS certified processor who is allowed to manage payment card information. After communicating the PGP Key and the delivery email address or SFTP details of the encrypted data, the encrypted data will be sent to the recipient.
  1. Our team manager for Integration support will verify that the receiver of card data is PCI certified/compliant by recieving a copy of the PSP AoC(Attestation of Compliance).
  2. Our operation team will extract the data in an encrypted format and deliver the data to the receiver noted in the Data Release Statement.
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