Important information for developers

Below is a summary of upcoming changes that relates to your integration to DIBS D2 platform

All below changes must be completed by merchants by latest May 14th, 2018. Please watch this space for continuous updates.


TLS versions will be decommissioned on server to server API requests 

Due to PCI DSS compliance, TLS versions prior to TLSv1.2 will no longer be supported. Merchants are required to check that their systems support TLSv1.2.

This mainly applies to merchants using an API integration, for example using capture.cgi
Merchants using callback, will also need to ensure, that TLS 1.2 is supported for incoming requests.
Today all modern browsers supports TLS 1.2

Read more here https://tech.dibspayment.com/D2/API

To further test which TLS versions and ciphers your server supports, there is an external page that can be used:

Important: SSL Labs is an external service provided by Qualys, Inc. DIBS do not take any responsibility for their services and are only providing the link as an example, of an external service that can be used to test the server.

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