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What is a new payment?

When a customer has paid for a product or service via DIBS, an authorization occurs. An authorization involves checking and authenticating the card’s integrity, and reserving funds on the customer’s account.

For invoice payments, a credit report is made on the customer, and if approved the customer is granted a credit.

When the authorization or check is successfully made the payment will have the status "New" in DIBS Administration.

When a product or service is ready to ship, you can complete the payment by activating it. Activating a payment ensures that funds will be transferred to your account.

Activate payments

Use this action to transfer funds from your customer’s account to your account, when a product or service is ready to be shipped.

The card payments are compiled and sent in batches. This means that the activated payments will be marked as “Queued for Activation” and will be moved to the “Activated” tab when the batch has been processed. Until then you can abort the queued Activation.

Make sure to activate your invoice payments on the same date as you send the product to your customer. The invoice should also be printed and attached in the package sent to customer together with the product.

When you click “activate” on the invoice payment the 14 days of credit will start to run. If the customer has not paid the invoice after 14 days from activation, a reminder will be sent.

Edit and activate payments

Use this action when you need to withdraw a smaller amount from a payment than initially expected. It is not possible to enter a higher value. The functionality differs depending on the paytype.

Card payments

For card payments you simply fill out the new price that you would like to activate. Please note, that a card payment can only be activated once, even if you activate a lower amount. The rest of the ordered amount will be “lost”.

Invoice payments

For invoice payments, the order lines must be shown. This means that you will need to activate the specific order line/s that you would like to activate at the time. It is also possible to activate a lower or higher amount for a specific order line.

However, the total amount of the activation can not exceed the amount that was originally approved. For invoice payments the order lines and value that was not activated will be possible to activate later.

Cancel payments

Use this action when you do not want a payment to be activated, e.g. if a customer regrets their purchase, or if you for some reason cannot deliver the customer’s order. The entire payment will be cancelled and transferred to the “Closed” section.

Please note: It is not possible to regret this action. This action will also attempt to remove the fund reservation from the customer’s credit card.

Abort payments

If the payment is marked as “Queued for activation” it is possible to regret the action by clicking “Abort” to stop the process. The payment will then go back to its previous status. Only card payments have this functionality.

Action-bar (multiple selections)

It is also possible to compile payments by checking one or more payments on the list, and initiate an action in the action bar below the list.

The action-bar is intended for bulk operations and will therefore not support editing amounts. If you wish to edit an amount for a specific payment, you must use the payment’s “Quick-action”-button.

The action-bar also contains an export function, where you can create a downloadable CSV-file containing payment information for the selected rows.

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