The heart of the system, is the payments section

Payments overview

The payments section consist of a list of payments (payment menu), as well as a detailed view of each payment (payment details)

Payment menu

The payment menu introduces you to six tabs;

Payment details

Each tab contains a list of payments that can be viewed for more detailed information

Each payment tab features the following:

Action buttons

Action buttons are found in each payment list.

They are intended for bulk operations (i.e. processing multiple payments simultaneously). Which buttons are available in the action bar is tab specific. Please refer to each tab individually in the manual. 


“Quick-action” refers to the drop-down menus found in the payment lists.

These menus offer the available action options for a given payment and payment method. The options available are tab specific. Please refer to each tab individually in the manual.

Edit columns

It is possible to customize your payment view in each tab.

By clicking “Edit columns” you can choose which columns to display, and the order in which they are shown. It is also possible to sort the content in each column by clicking on the column header. 

Transaction ID

The transaction ID is DIBS unique number for each payment.

Clicking a transaction ID in the payment list open the payment’s Payment details page.
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