In this section you'll find information on how to integrate the web shop with DIBS.


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MasterPass guide

Description of payment flow for Masterpass payments

Payment Window 2.0

Responsive payment window - optimized for user experience.

Server-to-server API

Utilize direct contact between your system and Nets


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Here you can find all useful information regarding the SCA rules and how to setup your website.

Hosted solution

Using the hosted solution, the step involved with the actual payment will be carried out at DIBS' server. This ensures a PCI-compliant handling of the card information while keeping the integration as simple as possible.

The features of chosing this method of integration includes:

  • Simple integration compared to using the API.
  • Standard window optimized for all platforms using responsive design
  • PageSets can be used to design your own payment window to fit the webshop.
  • Does not require additional security on the webshop, as the customers personal data and card information is handled exclusively by DIBS.


Server-to-server API

Using the server-to-server API, the integration towards DIBS can be made entirely from the backend of the shop system. This enables the possibility of having full control of the entire flow of the payment. It should be noted that when the shop has direct access to the customers card information, international legislation requires the system to be PCI-compliant.

The advantages of using this integration includes:

  • Full control of the payment flow.
  • No redirection required for standard card payments.
  • Integration directly in the shop system, enabling the status to be up-to-date at any time.
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