Upgrading from FlexWin

Only a few changes are needed in order to convert from FlexWin to the DIBS Payment Window.


The first step is to change the URL so that the form is posted to:


Please refer to the integration checklist for form examples and thorough explanation of the steps tou need to follow in order to complete the integration.


Some parameter names and formats have to be changed. Please refer to the input parameters and output parametes to make sure that the correct parameters are used.

Please contact DIBS support, if you have any questions.


DIBS Payment Window uses HMAC rather than MD5 for protection against data tampering to and from the payment window. This requires that a new HMAC key is generated in the DIBS administration. For information about how to use HMAC, please have a look at the HMAC calculation page.


All parameters in the callback are now sent in the UTF-8 char-set instead of the ISO char-set.

Before going live

Please note that when switching from FlexWin to DIBS Payment Window on a live account, some acquirers may need to have their setup changed in the DIBS back-end to show up in DIBS Payment Window. In such cases, we will need to have the original agreements with the affected acquirer resent to us, to be able to register them properly.

Please contact the DIBS support if you are making this switch on a live account or you are in doubt of the relevance to your case.

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