Special parameters

In specific cases, the return parameters varies from the standard. This page lists the deviations from the standard return procedure that can be present in specific scenarios.

Invoice specific output parameters

Below parameters are returned upon a successful invoice transaction

acquirerCustomerIdStringCustomer ID in acquirers system
acquirerDeliveryAddressStringCustomers street address returned by acquirer.
acquirerDeliveryCountryCodeStringCustomers country code returned by acquirer.
acquirerDeliveryPostalCodeStringCustomers postal code returned by acquirer.
acquirerDeliveryPostalPlaceStringCustomers postal place returned by acquirer.
acquirerFirstNameStringCustomers first name as returned from acquirer.
acquirerLastNameStringCustomers last name as returned from acquirer.
acquirerOrderIdStringOrderId returned by acquirer. If the acquirer does not support this feature then the merchant orderId is returned.


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