The shop's integration with DIBS Payment Window can be tested by utilizing our test environment. By using this, various payment scenarios can be tested without having to carry out live payments. This means that the integration against the DIBS Payment Window can be done before signing an agreement with an acquirer

To use the test environment, the test parameter must be parsed to the DIBS Payment Window along with the other parameters, such as merchant, currency and order id. If the value differs from "1" an error will occur.

<input type="hidden" name="test" value="1">

To use the LIVE environment, remove the test parameter sent to DIBS.

Note that only the API functions initializing a transaction have the possibility of a test parameter; refer to the individual documentation for specific information. By using different test information while sending this parameter, different types and outcomes of payments can be tested.

Please refer to our test information section for test cards and invoice test information to be used. Please be aware that as a default, the test environment is enabled on new accounts. It gets disabled when a live acquirer agreement gets registered on the account, and in this case to keep testing, you should take contact to our support department.


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