Output parameters

When a customer has made a payment in the DIBS Payment Window, you need a response to your shop. Return pages are the main communication path from DIBS to the shop, where the output parameters are sent back to the shop

Return pages

Read about the possible return pages

Return parameters

See all return parameters sent from DIBS to the shop

The user can exit the DIBS Payment Window in one of two ways:

  1. The customer returns to the "acceptReturnUrl" once the payment is approved
  2. The customer cancels the payment, and is returned to the "cancelReturnUrl"

Furthermore an automatic server-to-server call can be made with the return parameters, in case the customer doesn't reach one of above pages.

All the official input parameters and parameters that start with "s_" sent to DIBS Payment Window are returned unaltered as output parameters. Parameters sent to DIBS Payment Window that are not part of the official parameters and do not start with "s_" are discarded. Parameters are returned in random order.

Merchants must be able to handle any future changes, such as additional parameters introduced by DIBS or any changes in the order in which they are returned.

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