Order information

The order information is divided into two groups; types and data. The order information is shown in the DIBS Payment Window, and it shows one row for each order entry. The types chosen decides the justification of the order information (left/right) and the headers of the order information are automatically translated to the chosen language for the specific payment. Using order information is mandatory when using invoices as payment methods


<input type="hidden" name="oiTypes" value="QUANTITY;UNITCODE;DESCRIPTION;AMOUNT;ITEMID;VATPERCENT" />
<input type="hidden" name="oiRow1" value="1;pcs;ACME Rocket Roller skates\; ultra fast;10000;98;2500" />
<input type="hidden" name="oiRow2" value="2;pcs;ACME Band Aid;1125;99;5025" />
<input type="hidden" name="oiRow3" value="3;meter;ACME Black wool fabric;101;45;5000" />
<input type="hidden" name="oiRow4" value="1;pcs;Voucher;-500;200;0" />
1 pcs ACME Rocket Roller skates; ultra fast 100.00 98 25.00
2 pcs ACME Band Aid 11.25 99 50.25
3 meter ACME Black wool fabric 1.01 45 50.00
4 pcs Voucher -5.00 200 0

The total amount that has to be sent is:

Product1 = Round (10000 * 1 * (1 + 2500/10000)) = Round (12500) = 12500
Product2 = Round (1125 * 2 * (1 + 5025/10000)) = Round (3380.625) = 3381
Product3 = Round (101 * 3 * (1 + 5000/10000)) = Round (454.5) = 455
Product4 = Round (-500 * 1 * (1 + 0/10000)) = Round (-500) = -500
Total amount = Product1 + Product2 + Product3 + Product4 = 15836

To define order types, the parameter oiTypes is used. The function of this parameter is to define the column order of the purchase list. The column names is described in the value of the parameter, where the column names is defined from left to right seperated by ';' (semi colon). See the list below for mandatory column names.


Parameter Type Value
oiTypes String. Max 1024 characters

The column names is described from left to right seperated by ';' (semi colon). The following column names are mandatory for invoice payments (all letters has to be upper case).

Column name Description
AMOUNT This column contains the price of a single piece of the product in minor unit. Negative values can be used to add a discount.
DESCRIPTION This column contains the description of the product. This should be maximum 45 characters.
ITEMID This column contains the shops specific product ID. This should be maximum 12 characters.
QUANTITY This column contains the quantity of the specific product. Only integers are allowed.
UNITCODE This column contains the unit code which the product is sold e.g. "pcs", "meter" ect. This should be maximum 17 characters.

It is mandatory only to use one of the column names.

If VATPERCENT is used it contains the VAT percent of a single piece of the product in minor unit.
If VATAMOUNT is used it contains the VAT amount of a single piece of the product in minor unit (could be negative for orderlines having negative AMOUNT).

oiRow(1..n) String. Max 1024 characters This field contains the order rows of the purchase. Each order row is defined as "oiRow1", "oiRow2", "oiRow3" ect.
The value of the order row has to correspond to the oiTypes regarding what value is presented in what column. Please see the example below.

The total amount of the sent items including VAT must match the amount sent in the 'amount' parameter. The following walks through the correct calculations needed.

Parameter Value
VATAMOUNT The value has to be a whole integer and is formated regarding the minor unit of the currency.
VATPERCENT The value represents the VAT percent divided by 100 e.g. 50% = 5000, 25.25% = 2525.

When using VATPERCENT, the amount is rounded for each order row if it isn't a round number. The rounding is done as follows:

Round ( "Price of product" * "Quantity of product" ( 1 + VATPERCENT / 10000))
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