The function authorize performs the first part of a credit card transaction (the authorization). The authorization includes e.g. credit- and debit-card control and reservation of the required amount for later capture.

Permission to send card data must be activated by DIBS. Usage of authorize API requires a PCI certification.
If you are creating payments through the API you need to ensure that you have the right PCI-certificate to do so.

Input parameters

Essential parameter name Description
shopName * Merchant shopname, provided by DIBS.
userName *

API-Username, generated by merchant in DIBS Manager.

password *

API-User password, generated by merchant in DIBS Manager.

billingFirstName *

First name

billingLastName * Last name
billingAddress * Address
billingCity * City
billingCountry * Country
cc * Credit card number
expM * Expiry month
expY * Expiry year
eMail *

Consumer's email address.

ip *

The IP number of the customer. If the IP address is not available, please send the empty string.

data *

All information applying to the consumer’s order is included in the data parameter. Please refer to our order information page regarding the format of this parameter.

currency * You have the option of controlling the currency you wish to use via the currency parameter. The value of the currency must be in what is known as the ISO-4217 ISO/SWIFT currency format (e.g. SEK, GBP, USD, NOK, DKK, FIM), and in uppercase letters. Refer to for a complete list.

This parameter is used when the customer wish to place a merchant reference number on an order in DIBS system which allows it to be searchable via DIBS Manager.

This parameter must be unique for each new payment.


DIBS supports several different payment methods. The parameter method is used to define the payment method to be selected for the current order. Please refer to the methods page for possible values. 

Default value: ''.


Please refer to the description of the 'extra' parameter on the Web Service page.

MAC * (extra)

This parameter should be sent in the extra-field.

MAC checksum used to make sure no one has tampered with the information. See the MAC page for more information.

*: Always validated by DIBS


Below is an example of the authorize request using SOAP.

<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="" xmlns:v2="">
         <v2:shopName>Insert your shopname here</v2:shopName>
         <v2:userName>Insert your API username here</v2:userName>
         <v2:password>Insert your API password here</v2:password>
         <v2:billingAddress>Examplestreet 1</v2:billingAddress>
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