With the help of our test functionality, many situations can be tested prior to going live. Different ways of how to test payment transactions using DIBS Web Solution are described here. It is recommended to test page sets and credit card payments before going live


The DIBS gateway has a feature called “Test Mode”. When Test Mode is not activated, no tests may be performed on this merchant account.

Test Mode is activated in DIBS Manager under General > Test Mode. After you have activated Test Mode, it will stay active for a short time period. Currently the default value is 3 days, but this is subject to change at any time with no prior warning.

Only if you have activated Test Mode, you will be able to use the Test Acquirer and the Test Purchase feature in DIBS Manager.

Testing page sets

Before you allow your pages to go live, you should test them. Since DIBS needs certain input parameters to make it possible to perform a verification, there is a function for simulating input parameters during testing.

Edit your test parameters in Hosted pages > Test parameters, then press save. Do not forget to add the parameter pageSet to select the page set you want to test. To test your page set using the test parameters select Hosted pages > Test purchase. This simulates a call and a new window opens with your DIBS pages. Note that direct banks do not work all the way when using this test facility.

When everything seems to work and you want to copy your pages to the live DIBS server, click on Hosted pages > Set in service. If you have got multiple page sets, but do not want to set them all in service, uncheck the page sets which are not to be set in service. If your changes were not satisfying, you may recollect the previously saved version that has been set in service, by choosing fetch current on the pageSet editing pages.

Note that the DIBS Manager uses cookies, which can sometimes become confusing when changing between test mode and live mode (if, for example, live orders are to be carried out by an administrator who has used DIBS Manager). If the problem does arise – restart the web browser to reset the cookie file.

Neither e-mail nor http reports will be sent when using the Test Purchase feature in DIBS Manager. These will instead be shown in a popup window (“It’s a test”).

When the account is going to be used live for the first time, it must be activated. Activation means that live payments with card details are sent to the bank. Activation should never take place before parameter transfers, forms, and reports have been designed and are working error free.

To activate your account for the first time – contact DIBS customer support.

Test acquirer

Before you start using a real acquirer you can test credit card payments by using the “cc.test” method parameter. The test acquirer will fake real acquirer answers depending on the card number being used.

Once the method “cc.test” is used, the transaction will not be sent to a real acquirer, but will instead be handled by the test acquirer. When a test transaction is carried out, it can be seen in DIBS Manager, where the transaction can also be settled, reversed or refunded. Test transactions can also be settled, reversed or refunded using the Server Solution APIs.

In DIBS Manager, test transactions can be distinguished from actual transactions, since test transactions are shown on a grey background instead of a white background. Also, the displayed name of the acquirer for test transactions is “TestAcquirer”. Test transactions will not be included in accounting and payment reports.

The Test Acquirer is set up so that certain card numbers give certain replies. If a card number, contrary to those described below, is inadvertently sent, the authorization response will be reply “D” (Denied) and replyText “verification denied”. For more examples see the tables below.

Please note that test payments can never be sent to a real acquirer. When going live, make sure that you are not using the “cc.test” method.

The test cards which can be used along with the test acquirer can be found on the testing page in the toolbox section.

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