Standard parameters

When opening the payment window, a number of parameters should be sent to DIBS. These parameters describe the properties of the purchase, such as amount, the acquirer used or information about the customer

The parameters should be sent as a HTML POST or GET to the following URL:<yourAccountName>/index

where <yourAccountName> is your DIBS account name used for logging in to the DIBS Manager.

Essential parameters


This parameter is used if a merchant wants to make an authorization without having the DIBS system send an automatic settlement for this order. The DIBS system will only send an automatic settlement for an order with a successful authorization answer. If set to 'true', only the initial authorization will be done, and the settlement can be carried out at a later time wither through the API or using DIBS Manager.

Default value: 'false'

billingAddress *


billingCity *

Postal address



billingCountry *


billingFirstName *

First name

billingLastName *

Last name


Zip code

currency *

You have the option of controlling the currency you wish to use via the currency parameter. The value of the currency must be in what is known as the ISO-4217 ISO/SWIFT currency format (e.g. SEK, GBP, USD, NOK, DKK, FIM), and in uppercase letters. Refer to for a complete list.

data *

All information applying to the consumer’s order is included in the data parameter. Please refer to our order information page regarding the format of this parameter.

eMail *

Consumer's email address.


MAC checksum used to make sure noone has tampered with the information. See the MAC page for more information.


DIBS supports several different payment methods. The parameter method is used to define the payment method to be selected for the current order. Please refer to the methods page for possible values. 

Default value: ''

pageSet *

It is possible to set up pages in different languages or for different services that are paid for using DIBS. Each group of pages and reports are called a ”page set”. These are called by entering the name of the page set in the pageSet parameter. Refer to our page set guide for more information.

Default value: 'standard'


This parameter is used when the customer wish to place a merchant reference number on an order in DIBS system which allows it to be searchable via DIBS Manager.

This parameter must be unique for each new payment.

*: These parameters are always validated by DIBS

Optional parameters


This parameter is used when the customer wish to place a merchant reference number on an order in DIBS system which allows it to be searchable via DIBS Manager.


If this parameter is sent on an order this will be the invoice number put on the created invoice. If it is not an invoice order it is used in the same manner as referenceNo.

This parameter must be unique for each new payment.


This parameter is used when the customer wish to place a merchant reference number on an order in DIBS system which allows it to be searchable via DIBS Manager.

This parameter must be unique for each new payment.


If there is a risk that the “:” (colon) character may be included in a stock item name, an alternative separator should be used. Use the separator parameter to enter another separator, which may consist of an optional number of characters. For more information about this parameter, see the order information page.

Default value: ':'


The shipment parameter is used for entering carriage charges. The shipment parameter must be entered using lowercase characters. Prices must be converted into pence, or the equivalent (same format as the order information). The total sum being charged for the payment is the total of the data parameter plus the value of this parameter.

Default value: '0'


The equivalent of the VAT parameter for the shipment cost. 


This parameter is used for entering a Swedish social security number, which is required by certain invoicing companies. When the parameter is used, it can be given the value 0000000000 (ten zeroes) in the cases the consumer is non-Swedish (i.e. does not have a Swedish social security number).


3-D Secure is MasterCard's and VISA’s way of securing e-commerce credit card payments. The shop will get “liability shift” (stand no risk for chargebacks) for these payments. Note that this is how it is supposed to work but it is the shop’s responsibility to check this with the acquiring bank. When using 3-D Secure the consumer is authenticated before the normal authorization. Before the issuing banks have their part of 3-D Secure ready the consumer will not see any difference, and the shop will only see an additional authentication transaction for the payment in the DIBS Manager.

If the issuing bank has activated the credit card for 3-D Secure, the consumer will be asked to authenticate himself the way the issuing bank has decided (normally with a password) before the normal authorization is done.

To be able to use 3-D Secure you have to contact DIBS customer support so they can configure you for this service. If the payment method used requires 3-D Secure it will be used automatically. In some cases exceptions can be made and in those cases DIBS can configure your shop to be able to skip 3-D Secure. If this is the case you have to provide the parameter uses3dsecure=true/false.

Note that 3-D Secure works for method parameter cc.cekab, cc.babs,, cc.luottokunta, cc.euroline, cc.valitor and that only VISA and MasterCard cards are authenticated and have the liability shift.


The VAT parameter can be used to enter value added tax onto invoices. VAT is a colon-separated and colon-terminated string, which indicates VAT per item for the different items in the data parameter. Please refer to the order information page for more information.


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