Order information

This section contains the parameters that the shop can send to DIBS to describe the order

All information applying to the consumer’s order is included in the data parameter. The data parameter is composed of four different items which each terminate with the separator “:” (colon). Each item must contain the following four fields:

  1. Stock item number.
  2. Stock item name. (NB: This should not contain the “:” character. If the stock item name does contain “:”, the separator parameter must be used as outlined below.)
  3. The number of items of the relevant type.
  4. The unit price of the item, given in the smallest appropriate monetary unit (e.g. pence, cents or yen).

The four items containing the “:” separator have the appearance outlined below. Note that the word data must be written in lower case letters and that the separator “:” also terminates the string:


Table 2 contains the two items T-shirt and Baseball cap. The table also contains the total (in British pounds) for the item concerned. Note that the total is not included in the data parameter (the system calculates the total itself), and that a comma will represent the decimal point.

Item no Name Quantity Price Total


T-shirt 2 14,95 29,90


Baseball cap 1 9,95 9,95

To make it possible for the information in the table to be interpreted by the system, it must be entered into a field on the form. All costs must be converted to the smallest currency unit, e.g. British pence or the equivalent (in general, regardless of currency, costs must therefore be multiplied by a factor of 100). The HTML code may have the following appearance:

<INPUT TYPE="HIDDEN" NAME="data" VALUE=”1:T-shirt:2:1495:2:Baseball cap:1:995:">
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