When a payment is started, the method has to be specified. This informs Nets which acquirer that should be used for the payment, and consequently which payment types that are available to the customer

The method parameter, which is sent to Nets when starting a payment, should contain the Method value for the desired acquirer in the table below.

Acquirer name Type Method
American Express CARD
Babs CARD cc.babs
Barclays CARD
Cekab CARD cc.cekab
Deutsche Card Services CARD cc.deucs
Dibs CARD cc.dibs
DibsEuroline CARD cc.dibs.euroline
DibsNordeaNorway CARD
DibsPBS CARD cc.dibs.pbs
Elavon CARD cc.elavon
Evry PF CARD cc.evrypf
FirstCard CARD ta.fc
Invik CARD cc.invik
Luottokunta CARD cc.luottokunta
Masterpass Production CARD
Masterpass Sandbox (test) CARD
NatWestDirect CARD cc.nwdirect
NetpaySHB CARD netpay
Pbs CARD cc.pbs
TestAcquirer CARD cc.test
Valitor CARD cc.valitor
Wirecard CARD cc.wirecard
Danske Bank FI DIRECT
DanskeBank DIRECT direct.danskebank
DanskeBank Sweden DIRECT
FSBDirect DIRECT direct.fsb
Handelsbanken Finland DIRECT
Handelsbanken Finland Direct Pay DIRECT
iDeal ABN DIRECT direct.ideal.abn
iDeal DB DIRECT direct.ideal.db
iDeal RBS DIRECT direct.ideal.rbs
Nordea Direkt DIRECT direct.nb
NordeaSoloDk DIRECT
NordeaSoloEe DIRECT
NordeaSoloFi DIRECT
NordeaSoloNo DIRECT
OKOBank DIRECT direct.okobank
PayByBill DIRECT invoice.paybybill
PayPal DIRECT direct.paypal
POP Bank Direct DIRECT
Przelewy24 DIRECT direct.p24
Saastopankki Direct DIRECT
Sampo DIRECT direct.sampo
SHBDirect DIRECT direct.shb
Swedbank DIRECT
Swish DIRECT direct.swish
Tapiola Netbank DIRECT direct.tapiola
Ålandsbanken DIRECT direct.alandsbanken
Collector Installment INVOICE installment.collector
Collector Invoice INVOICE invoice.collector
Klarna Installment INVOICE installment.klarna
Klarna Invoice INVOICE invoice.klarna
Kreditor INVOICE invoice.kreditor
PayByBill INVOICE invoice.paybybill
SHB Invoice INVOICE invoice.shb
SveaWebPay Installment INVOICE installment.sveawebpay
SveaWebPay Invoice INVOICE invoice.sveawebpay


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