Mac Configuration Editor

In the Mac Configuration Editor its possible to select which optional fields are used for the calculation and their respective order. The editor can only be invoked when the key is inactive. The editor is started from the button “edit mac order” to the right of the key.

See illustration below. Mac order for active keys can NOT be configured since active keys are used for current transactions.

Note: if you have an old key it cannot be configured via the editor even if its not active. You will have to generate a new key for the editor button to show up.


Show current mac order for active keys:

Its possible to view a mac order for all versions of active keys by clicking the “show mac order” button.


The Editor explained:

The editor consists of the following lists:

  1. Mandatory fields.
  2. Available fields.
  3. Optional fields.

Fields colored in red in the box mandatory fields cannot be changed. These fields must always be present in the correct order they are listed.

Fields in the left box under “available fields” can be moved to the optional fields section by highlighting a field and click the move fields arrows.


Adding optional fields:

Ex. If the field referenceNo is moved to the optional fields section:

The total mac order would then be:


As seen in the mac order above the order of the fields are listed in a top down approach. Its possible to add as many fields as needed.


Reordering of fields:

Reordering optional fields can be done by moving them up or down in the optional section, highlight a field and press the “Move selection up” or down buttons. This way the relevant order of the fields can be changed.

Note: The mandatory fields order cannot be changed!


Adding Custom fields:

Its possible to add your own custom fields which are not defined by dibs. In the text field next to the “Add new custom field” button, type in a name for the field and click the Add new custom field button.

The custom field will then appear in the available fields section, it can then be moved to the optional field section exactly the same way as the fields defined by dibs.
Note: a field can only exist once, its not possible to ad a field with the same name more than once.
Characters accepted are the following: a-z A-Z 0-9 _ .
Explained in a human language characters accepted are: english letters, numbers , underscore , dot.

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