American Express CID/AVS check

CID is short for Card Identifier Digits and is the four digit security code located on the front of all American Express cards. AVS is short for Address Verification Service and provides the ability to check your customer's American Express billing address and zip code against the details held by American Express. By activating the CID and AVS features you will enable the possibility of declining an otherwise accepted authorization to minimize your risk of frauds. AVS address and zip code verification can not be enabled unless CID verification is enabled.


You have decided that you want all your American Express authorizations declined, where your consumers have not given you their correct addresses.
Activate CID and AVS address verification by going to Security > DebiTech DefenderTM > AmEx CID and AVS > Activate in DIBS Manager. By having done this activation, you are declining all American Express authorizations with incorrect CID and/or incorrect consumer addresses.
Now that you have activated this feature and are sending American Express authorization requests to DIBS, DIBS asks the American Express server if the provided CID and AVS addresses are correct. If the CID and/or AVS query results in a false answer, DIBS will give a declined response on the
authorization request.

Parameters to use

Parameter Functionality
securityCode For the CID check
billingAddress For the AVS address check
billingZipCode For the AVS postcode check


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