Return codes

Below is a list of the possible return codes from the DIBS system. The general idea behind the return codes is that codes 100-199 indicate success, 200-299 indicate failure that can happen during normal operations, 300-399 is a problem that is caused by a configuration problem (either at the merchant or at DIBS) and 400-500 are serious errors

Result code Result text Description
100 verification_OK The card authorization was successful.
101 settlement_OK The settlement was successful.
102 refund_OK The refund was succesful.
103 invoice_OK The invoice was successfully registered.
104 verification_previously_OK An authorization with the given reference number was found. No new authorization has been made. See “Avoiding multiple charges” for more information.
105 invoice_previously_OK An invoice with the given invoice number was found. No new request has been registered. See “Avoiding multiple charges” for more information.
106 Authreversal_OK The auth reversal was successful. (only valid for methods supporting Auth reversal)
107 enrolled The card is enrolled. The consumer should be sent to his/her issuing bank.
108 not_enrolled The card is not enrolled. The purchase can continue with no more authentication actions.
109 authentication_ok The authentication was successful.
110 fundstransfer_ok The funds transfer was successful.
111 customercheck_ok The customer check was successful. (only possible for method: invoice.ak)
112 einvoice_ok The e-invoice was successfully registered. (only possible for method: invoice.ak)
113 init_form_OK The Masterpass init request was successful.
114 validate_OK

The Masterpass validate request was successful.

199 processing The transaction is processing.
200 verification_denied The card was denied.
201 settlement_denied The settlement could not be completed.
202 refund_denied The refund failed.
203 invoice_denied The invoice could not be registered.
206 authreversal_denied The auth reversal was denied.
207 unable_to_authenticate Unable to authenticate.
209 authentication_denied The authentication was denied.
210 customercheck_denied The customercheck was denied.
211 einvoice_denied The e-invoice was denied.
213 init_form_denied The Masterpass init request was denied.
214 validate_denied The Masterpass validate request was denied.
300 error_transID_or_verifyID Either the DIBS reference number, or the transaction reference, did not match a previous authorization.
301 error_cc Invalid credit card number.
302 error_amount The amount did not match the previous authorization.
303 error_data Error in the format of the data string
304 invalid_expiry_date The card has expired, or the expiry date is invalid.
305 duplicated_settlement The transaction has already been settled.
306 duplicated_refund The transaction has already been refunded.
307 this_shop_is_not_allowed_to_use_the_given_currency The currency is not allowed on the shop.
308 subscription_not_allowed This shop is not set up to use subscription in DIBS's system.
309 server_not_allowed This shop is not set up to use server functions in DIBS's system.
310 invalid_or_missing_certificate You are trying to use a function that requires a client certificate, but the certificate is not valid or you are not using a certificate. Make sure you connect on port 444.
311 duplicated_authreversal The authorization has already been reversed.
312 error_at Invalid account number for account to account payment.
313 subscription_is_denied Denied subscription.
314 not_subscription_verifyid The verifyid used does not originate from a previous authorization. The reference number from the original purchase made by the end user must be used.
315 cant_change_subscription_to_method_type It is not possible to subscribe using account-to-account payment on a previous purchase that was made with credit card or vice versa.
316 missing_or_invalid_socialNo Either the parameter is missing when it is required, or it is not a valid socialNo.
317 missing_rights_perform_transaction The attempted action is not permitted for this merchant.
318 pares_too_late The PaRes came in too late after the initial call to "askIf3DSEnrolled".
319 authentication_not_allowed This merchant is not configured to use 3-D Secure authentications.
320 no_preceding_authentication An authorization without preceding authentication has been entered.
321 authentication_not_available Indicates that no 3-D Secure authentication is available for the payment method sent in.
322 3d_secure_not_available_for_card The credit card sent in is neither a Visa, MasterCard nor an Amex credit card. 3-D Secure processing is only possible for Visa, MasterCard and Amex payments. The merchant should switch to a non-3-D Secure authorization. (i.e. using authorize or authorizeAndSettle).
323 pares_empty The PaRes was sent in empty (this error code will only be used when doing a full 3-D Secure authentication).
324 duplicated_authorization There is already an authorization for the verifyID.
325 invalid_special_acquirer_date There was a problem with some special acquirer parameter.
326  error_recurring_format There was a problem.
327 error_recurring_not_allowed It is not allowed to use recurring.
328 error_recurring_transid Missing og invalid transID for the recurring transaction.
329 funds_transfer_not_available Indicates that funds transfer is not available for the payment method sent in.
330 customercheck_not_available Indicates that customer check is not available for the payment method sent in.
331 einvoice_not_available Indicates that e-invoice is not available for the payment method sent in.
332 duplicated_einvoice There is already an e-invoice for the verifyID.
333 mac_error_no_key_found No active key found at DIBS. Generate and activate a key in DIBS Manager.
334 mac_error_mac_missing The call is missing the MAC parameter and the verification is configured as Mandatory in DIBS Manager.
335 mac_error_verification_failed The verification of the MAC parameter failed.
336 web_service_login_failed The login credentials check for a webservice call failed.
400 server_busy The server could not process the request, due to high load. If this response is given when you run a batch it might be worth trying again once more after approximately an hour.
401 not_connection_to_bank DIBS’s server could not contact the bank. If this response is given when you run a batch it might be worth trying again once more after approximately an hour.
402 server_error There was a problem handling the request. Please contact DIBS support.
403 no_connection_to_VerifyEasy_server The Server Solution could not contact DIBS’s server or DIBS’s server responded to late, see also the "setTimeout" function. Possible reasons include invalid URL, network or DNS problems. You have to check the status of the transaction either by contacting DIBS support or viewing the status using the "DIBS Manager"

The transaction can still have been made successfully.

404 wrong_return_format The response from the DIBS server had an invalid format. Please contact DIBS support.
500 internal_server_error Internal server error. Please contact DIBS support.





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