Masterpass is a fast, simple and safe way for your customers to check out in your webshop. This guide contains general information about the payment flow for Masterpass payments

4 steps to buy with Masterpass

These are the 4 steps to buy a product with Masterpass on the Swedish market

  1. Consumers choose their products, and then choose to pay with Masterpass.
  2. Mobile BankID automatically opens and identification is done with pin code.
  3. After identification Masterpass opens, and here default card and delivery address is already stored and you can also choose a different card and change the address.
  4. After selecting the card and address the consumer is sent back to the webshop where the purchase is confirmed, and the transaction is done. When purchasing via the desktop computer, the consumer starts mobile BankID on their cell phone.

Technical payment flow

  1. Consumer clicks on ”Buy with Masterpass” in the webshop
  2. Webshop calls mpInit in order to initiate the Masterpass wallet flow.
  3. Nets calls Masterpass in order to retrive a redirectUrl
  4. Masterpass provides the redirectUrl to Nets, which is sent to the webshop in the mpInit response
  5. The Webshop uses the url to redirect the consumer to the Masterpass website.
  6. The consumer selects the preferred wallet at Masterpass, is authenticated via BankID/3DSecure.
  7. The consumer is redirected back to the webshop, which receives the response including Masterpass parameters for the mpValidate request.
  8. The webshop initiates an mpValidate request towards Nets.
  9. Nets calls Masterpass to validate the consumers action at Masterpass
  10. Masterpass is handling the validate request.
  11. Netsreceives credit card info, shipping info and, if applicable, 3DSecure info.
  12. The webshop calls mpAuthorize in order to authorize the payment.
  13.  Nets initiates an authorization request towards the acquirer.
  14. The webshop receives the result of the authorization
  15. and present the payment result to the consumer.

After the authorization is completed, the payment can be handled as an “ordinary” card payment. You need to do a Settle request to capture the authorized amount.

Payment process

Masterpass follows a different payment flow than normal card payments, and below is a description of the various Web Service methods which should be used. The different methods are available through version 2 of our Web Service.


In order to initiate the flow for Masterpass the mpInitForm service must be called.  On success the service returns a redirectUrl, which is used by merchant to direct user to the Masterpass site, where user has to choose his card and shipping address and confirm payment information. The service also returns a verifyId which is used in the additional webservice calls.


The mpValidate service is called by the merchant when the consumer returns from the MP site. It verifies the consumer’s request and fetches the card data for the consumer’s chosen payment method. In some cases it also retrieves the shipping address.


The mpAuthorize service is then used to perform a normal Authorization using information returned by the mpValidate service. The response is the same as a normal authorize response.


When the mpAuthorize is completed, you need to send in the settle request to capture authorized amount. We will not do automatic settlement on Masterpass transactions.


The refund service is used when settled amount should be sent back to the customer.

Masterpass button

Get the most out of Masterpass and put the button already in the shopping basket. By putting the button in shopping basket you make the steps fewer, and it will be easy for your customers to check out.
As Masterpass gives the customer the option to have a delivery address stored in the Masterpass wallet, there is no need of a traditional checkout. This makes the ”old” checkout and checkout procedure unnecessary.
The button should always look like this and have a ”Learn more” link in close proximity:

Merchants using clickable Masterpass should use this button

Shipping fee & giftcards

If you work with coupons and/or giftcard, as well as different shipping fees, it is a good idea to make it possible for consumers to get a calculation and a total price before clicking ”Buy with masterpass” button.
See typical example below on how to solve this

Confirmation page

Consumer should have the opportunity to review the order on the merchant site before finalizing the purchase and payment. The final step should not occur inside the Masterpass Wallet.

This type of confirmation page is also useful, for example, if pricing will change due to the selected shipping address inside the Masterpass Wallet. But as stated in the section ‘Shipping fee & gift cards’ – merchant can estimate the shipping cost based on Zip-code or county code before the consumer is entering the Masterpass Wallet.

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