The mpInit service initiates flow for wallet cards (Master Pass) and returns id of the session, that can be used for future payment authorization without sending any card parameters. On success, the service returns walletSessionId and redirectUrl, which are used by merchant to direct the customer to the Masterpass site, where the customer has to choose his/her card and shipping address and confirm payment information

Confirmation page Consumer should have the opportunity to review the order on the merchant site before finalizing the purchase and payment. The final step should not occur inside the Masterpass Wallet.
The endpoint for the JSON service:

The input parameters should be encapsuled in a JSON-object and sent as a HTTP POST in a parameter called 'request'. Similarly, the returned parameters will be in JSON-format and returned in a parameter called 'response'.


Below is an example of a request for the mpInit JSON service.

<form method="post" action="">
  <input name="request" value='{
  }' type="hidden" />

  <input name="Test" value='Test' type="submit" />

Below is an example of the text output of the mpInit service.

    "MpInitResponse": {
        "status": "ACCEPTED",
        "walletSessionId": "123456789",
        "redirectUrl": ",amex,diners,discover,maestro,visa,cup,jcb&checkout_identifier=123456vonrhhvhwy68l921hx4l0o123456&version=v5&shipping_location_profile=default"

Input parameters

Parameter Type Description

merchantId *

String, max 36 letters Merchant identification number
acceptableCards String

A comma-­separated list of card types supported. Duplicates are not allowed. Possible MP values are

master, amex, diners, discover, maestro, visa

cartContent OrderItem object

A list of OrderItem objects for using in the future payment. See below for more information.

currencyCode * String, 3 letters

The currency for future payment. Only the letter ISO4217 code is accepted.

shippingLocationProfile String

This parameter determines the regions your company ships to. Use one of the accepted values below.


If no shippingLocationProfile parameter is sent to DIBS, or the parameter is unsupported by the card-issuers wallet, the value DKNOSE will be used by default.

Shipping Locations Accepted values
Denmark DK
Finland FI
Norway NO
Sweden SE
Denmark,Finland DKFI
Denmark, Norway DKNO
Denmark, Sweden DKSE
Finland, Norway FINO
Finland, Sweden FISE
Norway, Sweden NOSE
Denmark, Finland, Norway DKFINO
Denmark, Finland, Sweden DKFISE
Denmark, Norway, Sweden DKNOSE
Finland, Norway, Sweden FINOSE
Denmark, Finland, Norway Sweden DKFINOSE
All countries (no restrictions) all
suppressShippingAddress Boolean

If set to true, Masterpass won’t ask the consumer to provide a shipping address.

test Boolean

Use the set up test acquirers

MAC * String, 64 letters This parameter contains a Message Authentication Code. See our HMAC calculation guide for further information

*: Always validated by DIBS

OrderItem object:

Parameter Type Description
Quantity Int Quantity. Specified in the unit of measure.
Description String Description of order item.
Value Int Amount including VAT.
ImageURL String Url to the picture of the current item, for displaying on Masterpass site. (coming soon)


Return parameters

Parameter Type Description
declineReason String Reason for decline or error (Master Pass internal message, if presented, or default satellite error message), null for ACCEPTED status.
redirectUrl String (URL) Url from the Master Pass authorization to redirect merchant to. null for ERROR status.
status [ACCEPTED, ERROR] Status of the call. ACCEPTED means that request was processed and the Master Pass information is returned.
walletSessionId String Id of the wallet card session (if status=ACCEPTED).


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