The service performs an authorization for the card data that was approved by the customer and was fetched using the mpValidate service

The endpoint for the JSON service:

The input parameters should be encapsuled in a JSON-object and sent as a HTTP POST in a parameter called 'request'. Similarly, the returned parameters will be in JSON-format and returned in a parameter called 'response'.


Below is an example of a request for the mpAuthorize JSON service.

<form method="post" action="">
  <input name="request" value='{
  }' type="hidden" />

  <input name="Test" value='Test' type="submit" />

Below is an example of the text output of the mpAuthorize service, both for an accepted and declined request.

    "MpAuthorizeResponse": {
        "status": "ACCEPTED",
        "transactionId": "426967348",
        "acquirer": "Evry Test"
    "MpAuthorizeResponse": {
        "status": "AUTH_DECLINED",
        "declineReason": "Authorize failed"

Input parameters

Parameter Type Description
amount * Integer Amount to authorize in smallest units (eg 100 for 1 EUR) (should include all merchant's additional fees).
clientIp * String, max 39 chars The customers ip address
MAC * String, 64 chars This parameter contains a Message Authentication Code. See our HMAC calculation guide for further information
merchantId * String, max 36 chars Merchant identification number
orderId * String, max 50 chars The shop’s order number for this particular puchase. It can be seen later when payment is captured, and will in some instances appear on the customer's bank statement (both numerals and letters may be used).
walletSessionId * String Id of the existed wallet card session

*: Always validated by DIBS

Return parameters

Parameter Type Description
acquirer String, max 36 chars The acquirer used for the specific transaction. Only returned for status = ACCEPTED
declineReason String, max 140 chars reason for decline or failure of the authorization. Will not be returned for successful calls.
status [ACCEPTED, DECLINED, AUTH_DECLINED, ERROR] Status of the call
transactionId String, max 36 chars The ID of the transaction is returned if status is ACCEPTED.


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