Test information

To help testing the integration against the Nets system, a test environment have been made available

When test mode is used, the transaction is not dispatched to the card issuer, but is instead handled by the Nets test environment.

To utilize the test environment, two things must be done:

  • The shop must be enabled for test payments in the Nets system. A new account is enabled for test payments by default. If you are in doubt if your shop is able to receive test payments, please take contact to our support department.
  • A test parameter must be sent in the request to Nets along with the other information sent. Please refer to the individual documentation for each function for the format and value of this test parameter.

Beside above two, a special set of test information can be used to test the integration. This section lists the different test cards and invoice information that can be utilized to test the reaction of the system when different payment results are returned from Nets' systems. 


Test cards which can be used to simulate various outcomes of payment attempts


Test person or company information for different invoice acquirers

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