A parameter defining the paytype can be sent along when making a payment. The value of this parameter limits the types of payment available to the customer to one or several particular types among the collection configured at Nets. Below are four tables listing the available paytypes


Parent paytype
AAK Århus city kort  
ACCEPT Acceptcard  
ACK Albertslund Centrum Kundekort  
AKK Apollo-/Kuonikonto  
AMEX American Express  
AMEX(DK) American Express (DK) AMEX
AMEX(SE) American Express (SE) AMEX
BHBC Bauhaus BestCard  
CCK Computer City  
DAELLS Daells Bolighus Kundekort  
DIN Diners Club  
DIN(DK) Diners Club (DK) DIN
DK Dankort  
DKW Dankort app  
EWORLD Electronic World Credit Card  
FCC Ford CreditCard  
FCK Frederiksberg Centret Kundekort  
FFK Forbrugsforeningen  
FINX(SE) Finax (SE)  
FISC Fields Shoppingcard  
FLEGCARD Fleggard kort  
FSC Fisketorvet Shopping Card  
GIT Getitcard  
GSC Glostrup Shopping Card  
HEME Hemtex faktura  
HEMP Hemtex personalkort  
HEMTX Hemtex clubkort  
HMK HM Konto  
HNYBORG Harald Nyborg  
HSC Hillerød Shopping Card  
HTX Hydro Texaco  
IBC Inspiration Best Card  
IKEA IKEA kort  
ISHBY Sparbank Vestkort  
JEM_FIX Jem&Fix Kundekort  
KAUPBK Kaupthing Bankkort  
LFBBK Länsförsäkringar Bank Bankkort  
LIC(DK) LIC kort (DK)  
LIC(SE) LIC kort (SE)  
LOPLUS LO Plus Guldkort  
MC Mastercard  
MC(DK) Mastercard (DK) MC
MC(SE) Mastercard (SE) MC
MC(YX) YX Mastercard MC
MEDM Medmera  
MERLIN Merlin Kreditkort  
MGNGC Magasin Goodie Card  
MPO_Nets MobilePay Online (Nets)  
MTRO Maestro  
MTRO(DK) Maestro (DK) MTRO
MTRO(UK) Maestro (UK) MTRO
MTRO(SE) Maestro (SE) MTRO
MYHC My Holiday Card  
NSBK Nordea Bankkort  
OESBK Östgöta Enskilda Bankkort  
Q8SK Q8 ServiceKort  
REB Resurs Bank  
REMCARD Remember Card  
ROEDCEN Rødovre Centerkort  
S/T Spies/Tjæreborg  
SBSBK Skandiabanken Bankkort  
SEB_KOBK SEB Köpkort  
SEBSBK SEB Bankkort  
SHB_KB Handelsbanken Köpkort  
SILV_ERHV Silvan Konto Erhverv  
SILV_PRIV Silvan Konto Privat  
STARTOUR Star Tour  
TLK Tæppeland  
TUBC Toys R Us - BestCard  
V-DK VISA-Dankort DK
VEKO VEKO Finans  
WOCO Wonderful Copenhagen Card VISA

As a general rule, as input to the FlexWin window you should specify the 'Parent paytype' if one is listed above, instead of the 'Paytype', unless you actually want to limit to subordinate cardtype(s). For example, if you would like to accept MasterCard in general, 'MC' should be specified as paytype. If the restriction should be Swedish MasterCards, 'MC(SE)' should be used. Cards cannot be restricted this way when using Nets Payment Window.

The return value from the payment windows for the paytype selected by the cardholder will always correspond to a subordinate cardtype if such exist. This means that if your input to the Nets payment window was 'paytype = MC' and the cardholder enters the card number for a Swedish Mastercard, the return value for paytype will be 'MC(SE)'.

These subordinate paytypes only apply if configured at Nets.


Paytype Description
AAL Ålandsbanken
ABN ABN AMRO iDeal Payment
AKTIA or AKT_A Aktia Web Payment
BAX BankAxess
CC CoinClick
DBSE_A Danske Bank SE
DNFI_A Danske Bank FI
DNB Danske Netbetaling (Danske Bank)
ECRED eCredit Payment
ELV Bank Einzug (eOLV)
FSB or SWD_A Swedbank Direktbetalning
GIRO_A Giropay
HNS HansaBank
ING iDeal Web Payment (ING Bank)
NDB or NDB2 Nordea Solo-E betaling (Sweden)
OKO OKO Web Payment
P24_A Przelewy24
PAGOC PagoCard
paypal PayPal
RBS Royal Bank of Scotland iDeal Payment
SEB or SEB_A SEB Direktbetalning
SEB_AC SEB Direktbetalning (company)
SHB or SHB_A SHB Direktbetalning
SOLO Nordea Solo-E betaling (Denmark)
SOLOFI Nordea Solo-E payment (Finland)
TAP Tapiola



pbbtestPayByBill Test
cl_invCollector PayPort
cl_invtestCollector PayPort Test
cl_insCollector PayPort Installment
cl_instestCollector PayPort Installment Test
sv_invtestSveaWebPay Test
sv_insSveaWebPay Installments
sv_instestSveaWebPay Installments Test
kl_invtestKlarna Test
kl_insKlarna Installments
kl_instestKlarna Installments Test
shb_invHandelsbanken Finans
shbinvtestHandelsbanken Finans Test


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