This section provides documentation on the DIBS systems; which features we provide, how to use them and what to keep in mind.

Bulk service API

Send a large and complete list of payments to be processed in one operation

Hosted payment window

Use our responsive standard window (FlexWin), or customize to fit your business needs

Masterpass guide

This guide contains general information about the payment flow for Masterpass payments

Mobile library

Our mobile library can be used to implement an in-app payment system.

Operational status notification guide

Guide for adding an e-mail or phone number to receive operational status updates

Nets API

The D2 API defines a set of functions that developers can use to perform requests and receive responses.


Find various useful tools and testing information here

Webshop modules

Use standardized plug-and-play modules for several popular webshop systems

Data import - export

Guide on how to import or export tickets 


Here you can find information about using surcharge on all business card - non-EU private cards, Diners and Amex cards


Here you can find all useful information regarding the SCA rules and how to setup your website.

DIBS FlexWin

DIBS FlexWin presents the possibility of customization; through access to the code files defining the structure of the window, it can be customized to fit any desired design, while maintaining the security of the hosted solution.

Furthermore DIBS Flexwin support many small acquirers for card, netbank and invoice transactions.

Shop modules

Aside from directly integrating against DIBS using the standard methods, a shop module can be used. This gives the possibility of using DIBS as an integrated solution in some of the most common shop systems.

Mobile library

To use DIBS directly in apps, our mobile library can be used. This provides an interface for communicating with DIBS and creating customized in-app payment solutions.

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