Return parameter configuration

When the communication to the return page is established, the information that is sent along has to be configured. This configuration assures that only the information you need is parsed along to your system. Please use the guide below to learn how to configure this


To configure the return parameters in the accepturl and callbackurl go to the DIBS administration and follow this path.

Integration / Return Values

In this menu you can choose to activate the following return parameters.

Configuration Description
Order ID

Returns the order ID.



Returns the paytype used in the specific transaction.

"paytype=MC" for MasterCard
"paytype=VISA" for VISA Card

See the paytype list here

Agreement (acquirer)

Returns the acquirer used in the transaction. This can be used if you have different acquirers.

If you have an agreement with Acquirer(A) (VISA/MC in SEK) and Acquirer(B) (VISA/MC in NOK), and a customer makes a transaction in SEK through Acquirer(A) the parameter returned will look like this:


Acquirers merchant-ID

Returns your acquirer agreement ID used in the transaction. This comes into use if you have more than one acquirer agreement ID and you need to know which one is used.


NOTE: Callback only and as an addition the "All fields exclusive of card information..." has to be checked

Card number with last four digits unmasked

Returns the card number.


Card prefix

Returns the card prefix.


Card issuing country (only VISA and MC)

Returns the card issuing country (only in the callback) when paytype is VISA or MasterCard.


All fields exclusive of card information... Returns all parameters availible parameters except the parameters specified by this list. Also you can send custom parameters to DIBS which is returned to you when this is checked.
Card enrollment status (3DSecure transactions only)

Returns a true/false result, if the acquirer used requirer 3D-secure check through the 3dsecure.cgi call.

If a customer pays with his not enrolled VISA card, through an acquirer that requires 3D-secure. This return parameter will in that case return "false" since the card is not enrolled in 3D-secure.

Transaction status code

Returns the transaction status code.


See the full status code list here


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