D2 Hosted payment window

The responsive D2 hosted payment window - FlexWin - provides the possibility of high customization and a wide variety of functionalities.

Through access to the code files, defining the structure of the window, FlexWin can be customized to fit any desired design, while maintaining the security of the hosted solution.

Furthermore Nets Flexwin support many small acquirers for card, netbank and invoice transactions.

Integration checklist

A few things you need to do

Input parameters

Parameters posted to Nets

Output parameters

Responses to your shop

MD5 calculation

Secure the communication with checksum calculations


Utilizing our test environment

Converting from DPW

Few changes are needed in order to convert from DPW to FlexWin

MobilePay Online Guide

Make it even easier for your customers to shop in your store!

Dankort App

Dankort App implementation guide 

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