Hosted DIBS FlexWin

FlexWin is the most frequently used payment window for DIBS, and is the most extended payment service provided.

FlexWin was released in 2007 and has been extended with a lot of features troughout the years. This means that the FlexWin layout is well known to shoppers all around Scandinavia and thus providing a feeling of security when paying online.

Integration checklist

A few things you need to do

Input parameters

Parameters posted to Nets

Output parameters

Responses to your shop

MD5 calculation

Secure the communication with checksum calculations


Add your own touch to our hosted payment window


Utilizing our test environment

MobilePay Online Guide

Make it even easier for your customers to shop in your store!

Converting from DPW

Few changes are needed in order to convert from DPW to FlexWin

Key features

  • Activated by a simple “call” from the shop system
  • 100% customizable by uploading design files in the DIBS Administration
  • A wide range of payment methods
  • Extended API function support
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