Nets Bulk Service API

Bulk is a way to send a list of payments to be processed at once. Instead of capturing and refunding transactions individually through the Nets administration interface or using capture.cgi, it may be beneficial to be able to process several payments in one operation


To minimize server load, Nets introduces the bulk feature, which enables the server to send a file containing several payments to be processed, instead of calling Nets for each payment. Bulk is a SFTP service where a .txt file is uploaded with a list of payments to be processed. Once the Nets server has processed the request file, a response file is created and made available through SFTP. An email is sent with the number of transactions processed for each request file. The bulk facility is not a default facility in Nets and is set up only on request - if you would like this feature, please take contact to our sales department.

Please be aware that the Bulk service currently does not allow transactions older than 1 year. If such transactions are included in the Bulk file, it will be ignored.

BULK can only be used for future MIT Transactions, see, e.g. for monthly subscription payments or un-scheduled card-on-file payments.​

If a future payment involves the cardholder, then SCA is required and Flexwin / 3DSecure.cgi.​



File structure for the Nets Bulk Service

Result codes

Numeric values describing the outcome

Ticket Authorization

Create new transactions using a ticket

Ticket Capture

Create new transactions with automatic capture using a ticket

Bulk Capture

Capture existing transactions

Bulk Refund

Refund multiple transactions at once

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