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The FlexWin API offers the facility, that the response from the Nets server is returned in a simple text format instead of the normal HTML format. This is beneficial when local scripts are required to process/parse the response from the Nets server before setting up the page that is returned to the customer


The format of the response from the Nets FlexWin APIs is simple text reply. It is formatted similarly to a normal GET HTTP request, e.g.


The simple text reply may contain other parameters depending on the function that is called.

Some functions have the possibility to take the parameters accepturl, declineurl and cancelurl. If these are sent along (while simple text reply is used, they should contain a list of parameters to be returned instead of a url. For example, if one wants a parameter "myparam" with the value "accepted" to be returned only when the API request is accepted, the accepturl should have the value "myparam=accepted".


Your scripts must always be prepared to accept that more parameters than specified in the above are returned from the Nets server. In other words, you script should not fail, should it happen that future changes in the API leads to the functions returning more parameters.

Your scripts must also be prepared to accept that the return-parameters may occur in random order.

For example, if a call to the FlexWin API returns the following string today:


Then tomorrow a similar call could return the following string:

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