The function payinfo.cgi is used for retrieving information regarding a specific transaction

This function requires an API user login for security reasons.

Function call



Below is an example of the payinfo.cgi usage.

<form method="post" action="" charset="utf-8">
	<input type="hidden" type="text" name="transact" value="123456789">

Input parameters

Parameter Description

transact *

The unique DIBS identification number for the transaction. The transact is a as minimum 6-digit integer, e.g. transact=123456.

*: Mandatory parameter

Return parameters

Parameter Type Description
actioncode string

This is the action code returned by the acquirer.

amount integer

The smallest unit of an amount in the selected currency, following ISO4217 (see the currency list here).


Smallest unit for EUR is "cent" thus setting 'amount="150"' leads to the amount being 1,50 EUR.
Smallest unit for JPY is "yen" thus setting 'amount="150"' leads to the amount being 150 JPY.
approvalcode string. Max 6 characters

Returnes the approvalcode from the acquire if available.

batch integer

When the transaction is captured by a batch job, this parameter contains the ID of the batch job.

currency integer

Currency is defined using the ISO4217 standard (see the currency list here). Both numeric and upper case letter codes are accepted.


fee integer

When calcfee is used, the calculated fee is returned so it can be shown on the receipt.

orderid string

The shop’s order number for this particular purchase. It can be seen later when a payment is captured, and will in some instances appear on the customer’s bank statement (both numerals and letters may be used).

status integer

An integer giving the status of the payment in the DIBS backend. Please refer for transstatus.pml for an extensive list.

transact integer

The unique DIBS identification number for the transaction.

Note: For split payments, this parameter is replaced by 'transact1', 'transact2' and so forth for every sub transaction.


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