Second part of any transaction is the capture process. Usually this step takes place when the goods are shipped to the customer, and is usually accessed via the Nets administration interface. You may, however, apply your own back-end application and use capture.cgi for capturing transactions. The only requirement is that you are able to do HTTPS requests from your server. The use of capture.cgi is particular beneficial when your back-end application is integrated with for instance your ERP system or other administrative software

Function call


Below is an example of a payment captured using capture.cgi

<form method="post" action=>
  <input type="hidden" name="merchant" value="12345678">
  <input type="hidden" name="amount" value="2000">
  <input type="hidden" name="transact" value="1234567">
  <input type="hidden" name="orderid" value="11223344">

Essential input parameters



amount *

The smallest unit of an amount in the selected currency, following ISO4217 (see the currency list here).


Smallest unit for EUR is "cent" thus 'amount="150"' leads to the amount being 1,50 EUR
Smallest unit for JPY is "yen" thus 'amount="150"' leads to the amount being 150 JPY

This variable enables a MD5 key control of the values received by Nets. This control confirms that the values sent to Nets has not been tampered with during the transfer. See how MD5 is calculated here

Note: When using MD5, the order id must be unique.

merchant *

Shop identification. The Merchant ID appears in the e-mail received from Nets during registration with Nets or on your contract.

orderid *

The shop’s order number for this particular purchase. It can be seen later when payment is captured, and will in some instances appear on the customer’s bank statement (both numerals and letters may be used).

transact *

The unique Nets identification number for the transaction. The transact is a as minimum 6-digit integer, e.g. transact=123456.

*: Mandatory parameters

Optional input parameters

Parameter Description

If multiple departments utilize the same Nets account, it may be practical to keep the transactions separate at Nets. An account name may be inserted in this field, to separate transactions at Nets.

To get an account, please contact the Nets sales department.


If set to "true", the Split Payment is closed after capture.

Note: the "close" parameter can only be used together with the "splitpay" parameter.


If force=true is posted, the Nets server will attempt to capture otherwise expired authorisations (more than 7 days old). This is achieved through an initial re-authorisation of the original transaction, followed by a capture process.

Note: You cannot use the split shipment parameters "splitpay" and "close" along with "force".


If this variable is set, all variables will be returned (as defined in the Nets admin).


If set, the Split Payment functionality is used.

Note: the "close" parameter can only be used together with the "splitpay" parameter

Should be declared to receive the returned message in simple text format.


Return parameters

Capture accepted

If the capture request is accepted, the following parameters is returned:

Parameter Description

Returns the type of payment the customer has used for a particular payment.


Returns the result code for the call.




The unique Nets identification number for the transaction. The transact is a as minimum 6-digit integer, e.g. transact=123456.

If the payment is a split payment, the following parameters will be sent in addition to the above:

Parameter Description

Remaining amount.


Original order id postfixed with an auto incremented value.


Id of the Split Payment sub transaction.


Return parameters

Capture declined

If the capture request is declined, the following parameters is returned:

messageIf declined a reason is returned in this parameter.
reasonReturns a reason for the rejection.
resultReturns the result code for the call.


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