Data format

When calling the API functions, certain restrictions and best practices apply with regard to the data being submitted

Form data

The APIs are called through standard HTTP POST requests. The parameters which should be included varies between APIs. As a general rule of thumb, each API function has a few mandatory parameters, which must be included, and a number of optional parameters. Some optional parameters alter the functionality of the API function, while others merely adds "nice-to-have" information. 

Some of the APIs include a parameter called 'md5key', which can be used to ensure that key parameters will not be altered by man-in-the-middle type attacks. The md5key is calculated using the values of central parameters for the API and a secret key found in the Nets Administration. If you wish to read more about this functionality, please refere to the MD5 calculation page


All API functions use the ISO-8859-1 encoding unless otherwise specified on the documentation for the API function. This is in contrast to the hosted solution, which uses UTF-8 as a default.

Failure to use ISO-8859-1 for encoding special characters when calling the API functions will result in malformed strings or unexpected errors.

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