DIBS has created a plug-in-module for Shopify that offers you a smoother integration.

Before starting to use our module we recommend you to contact our sales department. By doing so, you can ensure that you get the right payment methods and currencies.

In order to go live with your webshop you will also need an agreement with an acquirer, who takes care of collecting and depositing your money. DIBS has partnered with a number of acquirers who offer a wide variety of options and we will provide the help and guidance you need in order to get started.

You are welcome to sign up for a free demo account allowing you to prepare your technical deployment and performing test payments using our test card data.












Instant capture









Multi refund



Multi capture



Part capture



Part refund




Return values

Click on “Integration” and “Return Values”. Then check all boxes as bellow and click on “save settings”.

Make sure that all return values are activated and save the settings.

Additional information:

- “Skip accept page”  cannot be checked, as this will prevent the Shopify system from processing the payment confirmation from DIBS.
- Card type logos should be set to “Large”.  


Step 1


To install Dibs Payment enter this link and log in to your Shopify account:


Step 2

Clik on the blue button as shown on the screenshot:


Step 3

You now have the option to select Dibs Payment under "Alternative payments":


Step 4

Enter your Dibs Merchant ID and your Shopify password and click "Activate". You are now integrated with Dibs.

The password shown with bullets below, is NOT the Merchants DIBS or Shopify password. All Shopify merchants must use the same “DIBS” specific password: Mnh790NGFlxz9p in the password field shown below. 



We recommend performing test transactions before your shop goes Live. In our toolbox you can find test information for your own test. When you see that it works with the test cards, you can disable test mode for the payment module and perform transactions with real cards. We would also like to recommend you to test transactions with the different currencies that you want to be activated.

When this works, and you can track the payments in DIBS Administration, the technical integration is done.

On our techsite you will also find logos and more information about what your site needs to show in order to follow rules and regulations from your acquiring partner.

When you have been through the steps above you will be set to go Live!

Help and contact

Contact us!
We want to get in contact with you and learn more of what you want us to focus on and how you think we can improve our modules. Please mail DIBS Opensource team directly on:

Or get in contact with us through
We are happy to get your input and help.

In case you need help from our support you can mail:
Or contact our support via telephone - see local numbers below.

For a better and quicker support please include the following details in your mail to us:

  • Your Merchant id with DIBS
  • Name and version of the opensource module
  • Version of the DIBS module you are using
  • Other info ex. Do you use any extension to the system that differs from the “default” setup.

Thank you for using our Module!
Best Regards,
DIBS Opensource team

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