Status codes

Status codeStatusDescription
0transaction inserted

The transaction has been sent to the acquirer, but no response was received.

If this status is returned, the affiliated acquirer should be contacted and asked if the transaction has been authorized and DIBS support should be contacted with the status of the authorization to release the transaction.

1declinedThe transaction is declined by acquirer.
2authorization approvedThe transaction is approved by acquirer.
3capture sent to acquirerThe transaction capture request is sent to the acquirer and DIBS awaits response.
4capture declined by acquirerThe transaction capture is declined by the acquirer.
5capture completedThe transaction capture is approved by the acquirer.
6authorization deletedThe transaction authorization is deleted at the acquirer. If the transaction is still alive a reauthorization can be made.
7capture balancedThe transaction is balanced.
8partially refunded and balancedThe transaction is balanced and partially refunded.
9refund sent to acquirerThe refund request is sent to the acquirer.
10refund declinedThe refund is declined by the acquirer.
11refund completedThe refund is approved by the acquirer.
12capture pendingThe transaction capture is pending.
13"ticket" transactionThe transaction is a "ticket" transaction.
14deleted "ticket" transactionThe "ticket" transaction is deleted.
15refund pendingThe transaction refund is pending.
16waiting for shop approvalThe transaction is waiting for the shop to approve the transaction.
17declined by DIBSThe transaction is declined by DIBS.
18multicap transaction openThe transaction is a multicapture transaction and is still active.
19multicap transaction closedThe transaction is a multicapture transaction and is not active.


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