How to refund a payment

Refund total or parts of a payment

If you receive returned goods or simply want to credit the consumer you need to Refund the initially Charged payment. 


Full Refund

In order to Refund the total amount you simply click Refund in the Quick actions drop down menu. 

Please note! If the payment has been Partially Charged and you want to refund the full payment, you need to make one refund per charge. To find all charges that are related to the same original payment you can click View details on any row related to the order in the payments lists.


Edit and Refund 

All Charged payments, including single or multiple order lines, may be partially Refunded. To partially Refund a payment, click Edit and refund in the Quick actions drop down menu, select the desired order lines and/or edit the fields before clicking Refund.  You can use several actions depending on your needs. We have listed three examples below.


Please note! 
- The funds will normally take a few days to be deposited to your customer's account depending on the card issuer's (normally your customer's bank) routines.
- Your balance needs to be larger than the amount you want to refund. Please contact our support if your balance is too low. 

1. Refund the amount of a specific product

To refund one or several products you check the select boxes. The total sum of the refund will be calculated based on the selected order lines. Control the amount and click Refund. 

Example: Your customer has ordered one blue and one white T-shirt. He has returned the Blue T-shirt to you and now you need to refund the funds for that specific product. Check the select box for the order line and click refund.


2. Change the amount before refunding 

You can change the amount on an order line by entering a new value in the price field. The totals will be updated according to your changes. Control the amount and click Refund.

Example: Your customer has called you to say that the T-shirt has a blue color that differs from the website. He still wants to keep the T-shirt  but would like a 20 SEK discount, which you accept.  You change the price on the specific order line to match the sum of 20 SEK that you like to refund. 

When you lower the price a new order line will be created containing the remaining part of the charged amount. Also note that it is not possible to refund a larger amount that what was originally charged - the system notifies you when you exceed the limit.


3. Change quantity before refunding

You can edit the quantity on an order line by entering a new value in the quantity field. The totals will be updated according to your changes. Control the amount and click refund. 

Example: You have an order of 5 T-shirts that have been shipped and charged, after which you receive a return of 2 T-shirts. You make a partial Refund by changing the quantity from 5 to 2. 


4. Reset if you lose track of changes

All of the changes above can also be made in combination. If you make changes and get lost there is always a possibility to reset the changes to get back to the starting point when you opened the modal.
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